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Publish at Nov 16, 2022 By: Isaac Bell
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Nowadays, one of the most necessary parts of a house is hidden safes. We all have some things in our life that are valuable to us. It can be money, or sometimes it's just family heirlooms. Either way, these things are super close to our hearts, and we always look for ways to keep them safe.

The best way to keep our precious items safe is by keeping them in plain sight inside a secret compartment. Hidden storage in different places of the house is always a good idea as it guarantees safety for your precious items. However, these hidden safes have to be placed in secret hiding places. Otherwise, they won't be of any help as thieves will easily predict the location of the safe and break into it.

So, before getting a hidden safe, the first thing you need to be sure of is where to place that safe to keep it away from the eyes of the thieves. It cant be placed in plain sight as that can easily be detected. You have to be smart about the safe placement, which is where we come in. Today we are going to talk about where to hide a safe.

Best Secret Hiding Places In Plain Sight

As a locksmith company, we know exactly what measures to take to keep your most precious items safe from burglars.

So, here are the best places you can hide your safe:

  1. Hidden Under Laundry Basket
  2. Secret Compartment Under Bathroom Or Kitchen Sink
  3. In The Cabinet Of The Laundry Room
  4. Safe Containers Designed As Other Products

By using these places to hide your valuables in plain sight, you can trick the burglar easily and keep your valuables safe and sound.

Hidden Safe Under Laundry Basket

Hiding your safe under the laundry basket disguised as some other object is an excellent idea. It can be one of those super-secret hiding places. You can get past the thief by hiding your safe under that laundry basket because nothing important is ever put in place like that. When you place your secret storage under the laundry basket, make it seem inconspicuous.

How To Hide Safe Under Laundry Basket?

The first step of hiding a safe under a laundry basket is ensuring enough space. You have to secure the safe by screwing it to the floor and the walls and ensuring that it can not be moved. Keep in mind that lower cabinets are better than the upper ones because they are easier to disguise with junk.

Drawbacks Of Hiding Safe Under Laundry Basket

There are no drawbacks to this. By trying this trick, you can deceive the burglars and keep your valuables safe inside the secret compartment.

Secret Compartment Under Bathroom Or Kitchen Sink

a Safe

Having a safe or secret hiding spot thieves won't be able to find is the best way to keep your valuables safe. If you want to hide valuables, you should consider keeping a secret compartment under your bathroom or kitchen sink.

Having a hiding spot that most burglars and most thieves won't be able to guess is crucial. It is why hiding your safe under the sink is a good way to go, as it is almost undetectable. You can store emergency cash, important documents, and small items in the safe. If you are worried that a safe is a bad idea because you might lose the key, keep a spare key hidden along with your house key. That way, the thief won't be able to detect it at all.

How To Hide Secret Compartment Under Bathroom Or Kitchen Sink?

Hiding a secret compartment under the bathroom or kitchen sink is very easy. It ensures easy access, and you can hide money in the little space without worry. It is a great hiding spot as well.

To hide a safe under the bathroom sink or kitchen sink, you have to make sure that the shelves under the sinks have enough space for a safe, then screw the safe to the shelf. Then just put some random things in front of the safe to disguise it.

Drawbacks Of Having Secret Compartment Under Bathroom Or Kitchen Sink

There aren't many drawbacks of having a secret compartment under the bathroom or the kitchen sink; however, you should ensure that it is a fireproof safe. To be extra safe, you can also have a diversion safe which will make the thieves assume that they found all the hidden valuables you own.

In The Cabinet Of The Laundry Room

The cabinet of the laundry room is always a secure place to keep a safety compartment. Hiding valuables in the cabinet of the laundry room is always a good idea as most thieves don't consider looking there.

How To Hide Safe In The Cabinet Of The Laundry Room?

To hide a safe inside the laundry room's cabinet, you need to ensure it is disguised properly and keep a few diversion safes to keep the real safety compartment safe.

Drawbacks Of Hiding A Safe In The Cabinet Of The Laundry Room

If you hide a safe in the cabinet of the laundry room, then be sure to let your family members know about it. Doing so can eliminate all sorts of risks regarding the safe.

Safe Containers Designed As Other Products

Safes designed as other products are always a safe bet. So, if you want to keep your valuable items safe, then the best way for you is to disguise the items as a wall safe, a fake air vent, or a cat litter. An air vent safe is quite predictable, though. A safe disguised as a bed frame is always a good idea.

How To Hide Safe Containers Designed As Other Products?

You don't have to hide safe containers designed like other products as their looks deceive the thieves and the burglars.

Drawbacks Of Safe Containers Designed As Other Products

There are no drawbacks of safe containers designed like other products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding safes:

Are Safes Expensive?

Answer: The price point of a safe depends on the quality of the safe. It can be expensive if the safe is made of premium quality materials.

Are Safes Safe?

Answer: A safe is very safe if you don't lose the key or keep it in a predictable place.

Can Safe Locks Be Broken?

Answer: Safe locks can be broken; however, it takes a lot of blunt force to break a safe lock.

Can Safe Keys Be Copied?

Answer: Safe keys can be copied, which is why it is important to keep them safe.

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Where you can hide your safe is completely up to you; however, following the advice from locksmiths who are experts in this field is useful as it reduces the chances of burglaries. So, if you want your loved items to be safe and sound, purchasing a safe isn't a bad idea. By getting a safe made of premium quality materials, you can keep all your precious items out of harm's way, ultimately keeping you happy.

So, make yourself happy and store those precious heirlooms in a safe place only you have the keys to. Make sure to place the safe inconspicuously so the burglars don't notice it. Along with other safety precautions, having a spare key in

your safe compartment is important. Otherwise, you might lose the key and then go through tons of hassles to get another. Even if you get a locksmith to make a spare key for you, ensure that the locksmith is someone you can trust; otherwise, you will get robbed.

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