Where To Get Car Key Made? Complete Guide For 2022

Technician Making a Replacement Mechanical Key
Publish at Jul 30, 2022 By: Isaac Bell
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Imagine you're late for work and can't find your car keys! That feeling is very frustrating; almost all of us have felt that frustration at least once or twice in our lives!

Also, you can lose your car key, or you and your spouse may both need keys for the same car! All of these problems require replacement car keys. If you have a replacement key, you won't have to face the stress of losing car keys!

Now comes the million-dollar question, where can you get your car key made? We at Armor Locks Co believe making replacement key fobs should be easy. Below you will find a complete guide on getting replacement car keys.

How are Replacement Keys Made?

Technician Making a Replacement Mechanical Key

Car key replacement may differ from car to car. Because modern vehicles use key fob tech, older vehicles use steel or brass keys without any programmable technology. So, if you need fobs replaced, you might need to program the new key fob or remote key to match up with the transponder key.

On the other hand, steel keys are only cut with key duplication methods. The original key is placed within the machine, and the machine makes intricate cuts on steel to make a replacement key.

Also, if you lose your car keys, locksmiths can make a replacement key without the keys. If you reside near Houston, TX, Armor Locks Co. provides car key replacement service 24/7 as an emergency service.

Different Types of Keys

Making a replacement car key depends on the type of key you have on your car. So, it would be best if you knew a little bit about different types of car keys.

Different Types of Car Keys

Mechanical Cut Keys

Mechanical cut keys are the older version of keys. They are also called traditional car keys. Generally, these types of keys are used with older vehicles with no security encoding or modern technology.

So, these mechanical car keys have the least security and can be easily copied for car keys replacement.

Transponder Keys

Transponder car keys have a microchip and are more secure than traditional car keys. When the transponder keys are inserted into the ignition, an internal sensor activates the transponder.

Copying a transponder key can cost between $50 to $100. But, if you already lost the original key and need a car key replacement, the dealership might charge you about $250, while locksmiths will charge less.

Smart Key Fobs

Modern vehicle manufacturers usually use smart car key technology. These are not actual physical keys because you don't need to unlock the car physically. Usually, the vehicle itself has many antennas around it, and it can detect when the smart key is around the peripheral.

Smart keys will turn the car on with a push-button. You don't need to put the key in the ignition. So, the whole thing depends on technology to work. That's why replacing or copying an intelligent key fob is the most costly!

A dealership will charge about $250 to $400 to replace a key fob entirely!

Where Can I Get Replacement Car Keys Made?

Now that you know about different types of keys, you can start thinking about where to get your keys copied. We strongly suggest you bring your car and any working key you have.

If you have a working key, you can order as many keys from automotive locksmith services like ourselves at Armor Locks Co, or you can bulk order from eBay! However, if you order from eBay, you will need to get your keys cut and programmed by locksmiths.

But that also has some problems. As locksmiths can't be sure you ordered the right keys before cutting, most locksmiths won't cut or program the keys they didn't sell. Even if they cut keys brought online, they will charge you upfront and won't guarantee that the key will work after cutting.

So, buying keys from your local locksmiths would be your best option.

Copying Standard Car Keys

Nowadays, standard car keys can be copied in many places. However, locksmiths should be your first choice to get a classic car key copied. Although hardware stores, Walmart, and other sites also offer standard car keys.

But, there are some reasons that you should go with locksmiths. Firstly, we cut keys for a living! We are professional locksmiths. So, we know what we are doing, and when we cut keys, they work correctly!

Secondly, if your car has a standard car key, it is likely pretty old now. So, the car and the key should be pretty worn out. That's why locksmiths can cut keys by code. Cutting keys from code gives you a car key replacement that is just as good as the factory key!

Copying Laser-Cut Key

You must go to your local locksmith if you have a laser-cut key because most hardware stores won't be able to copy a laser-cut key. Laser-cut keys require expensive and special key-cutting equipment. Usually, most locksmith services have this equipment at hand.

We here at Armor Locks provide duplicate keys for laser-cut keys, and we have state-of-the-art equipment to make perfect copies of laser-cut keys. Call us at 832-481-5030 if you need a replacement laser cut key.

Copying Transponder key or FOB

These are modern keys and require some programming depending on the security technology of the car. Also, replacing a broken key fob requires a more profound understanding of car security.

That's why only your car dealership or professional locksmiths will be able to copy a transponder car key or FOB for you. Also, you will need to bring your car if you want a new fob because programming tools will need to be connected to the car's OBD port.

If you have other working keys, bring them too because programming new keys will remove keys that are not present while the programming is done. We at Armor Locks Co. have provided car key replacement service for the residents of Houston, TX, for a long time, and we have seen many similar problems that we are describing now.

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FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Can Home Depot cut car keys?

Yes. Home Depot offers replacement keys for standard, mechanical cut keys. However, if you have a modern vehicle, the car probably does not have a mechanical cut key.

If you have modern key fobs or laser-cut keys, Home Depot won't be able to cut or program keys for you.

What is the cost of copying a car key?

This depends mainly on the key your car has. If your vehicle is older, it might cost around $30-$200.

However, modern transponder or smart keys may cost you as much as $400! But if you find a reliable locksmith like Armor Locks Co., you can be assured that you will get the lowest cost possible. Call our representative at 832-481-5030 for a free cost estimate.

Why do car keys cost so much?

Modern keys are extensive electronic devices with sensors and other electronics. That's why they cost quite the amount! However, if you want an affordable auto locksmith in Houston, contact us at https://www.armorlocksco.com/ or call our representative at 832-481-5030 for a free cost estimate!

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