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You returned home from outside but unfortunately found your locks broken. This situation frightens you because there is a massive chance of stealing your essential accessories. To avoid this situation, you should use substantial and the latest types of locks.

Different types of locks are one of the greatest inventions of modern technology. People can leave their properties unattended while feeling secure in the knowledge that thieves won't be able to break in and steal things they own. However, not all door locks provide you with the same security level; some are superior to others even though they all offer some security.

So, look at different types of locks you might think about for your home security. Here is a list of them below:

Locking Mechanism To Safeguard Objects: Different Lock Types!

These locks protect your bikes, motorbikes, or small things from being stolen. You can usually encircle the object you want to secure with chains, cables, and padlocks. Lock shackles and chains can range in thickness from a few thousandths of an inch to more than 1/2 inch depending on your requirements.

Our favorite padlock for superior security is the Abus Rock lock. It is highly durable and features an almost 1/2 inch-long shackle.

Various u-lock options are available for your bikes and motorcycles. Some u-locks come with a large loop that permits you to lock your bike to a bicycle. However, the tiny u-locks on motorcycles function as highly efficient motorcycle locks.

Moreover, many companies are now producing portable safes for smaller items. This tiny locking mechanism is fantastic for phones and smaller items. The master lock locking mechanism can be the top priority which includes a cable that can be quickly hidden when not in use.

Different Types Of Door Locks


No doors have padlocks built into them, and they can be adjoined and opened as wished using a shackle to hold a door closed or an object in position. You can frequently use these padlocks to lock your luggage, school lockers, and barns.

Despite the widespread use of padlocks, they are comparatively weak and easily breakable because of bolt cutters' access. There are generally some types of padlocks in use today:

Combination Padlocks

These padlocks can only theoretically be opened by someone aware of the appropriate numerical sequence because they have to be entered in a particular order. You can also reset the numerical sequence for code security.

Key Retaining padlocks

These locks resemble combination padlocks; however, they can be opened using a minor key instead of a numerical sequence. Although some people prefer not to remember a series of digits to access their possessions, there is a chance that the key will get lost because they are usually relatively small. You can not re-keyed all models of padlocks. So, if you lose the key, you may have to crush the lock of keyed padlocks to get access.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are more challenging to pick than knobs or padlocks, so they are essential for home security. There are various types of deadbolt locks, including cylinder locks. But internal deadbolt locks are more secure to use.

Single Cylinder Deadbolts

Normal single cylinder deadbolt locks are the most popular lock of today and are installed within the door. A twist knob on the inside locks it, while an outside cylinder that needs a key or a code to unlock is on the outside.

Double deadbolts locks

Double Cylinder Deadbolts

A double cylinder lock is quite similar to a single cylinder lock. But the distinction is that a double cylinder deadbolt requires a key to lock or unlock the doors both inwardly and outwardly. Double cylinder locks are safer because a burglar can not break your doors or window glasses and prevent forced entry.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

Jimmy proof deadbolts are mainly used for double doors and entry glass doors. These deadbolt locks use two interlocking vertical bolts. These bolts fit into a strike plate when the lock is activated. Installation of these locks is simple and challenging for potential burglars to open.

Thumturn Lockable Style

This design combines the advantages of single and double-cylinder locks. Only a key will unlock the lock's exterior side, and there is a thumb-turn knob with a keyhole inside.

No need to lock the thumb turn when you are present at home. The door will function like a single-cylinder, closing only after turning the knob. When you are outside the house, the thumb turn adds an extra layer of security as, without a key, the door locking or unlocking is not possible.

Handles With Locks

There are locks in handles on both internal and external doors. A solid safety in the handle can ensure that your exterior doors are more protected.

Knob Locks

The locks on both a doorknob at your home are known as knob locks. You can perform a door lock activity by turning the tiny knob found on one side. It can vary what's on the opposite side, but it usually contains a little key cylinder.

Lever Handle Locks

Lever handle locks have a little knob lock and a key cylinder, comparable to knob locks. Because they are simple to bent, they are frequently used on inner doors in commercial buildings. For exterior doors, use these unique locking devices with a deadbolt lock.

Different Types Of Home Furniture Lock

You can use different furniture locks for your home, including filing cabinets or desk drawers. There are mainly three types of furniture locks in use:

Push Button Style

A rod coming from the back of this kind of lock serves as an anchor when it is tied. The front portion will bring the rod back into the unique locking mechanism. So, you can easily open whichever drawer or cabinet the lock was closed.

Bolt Style Locks

A flat metal component anchors the lock in the locked position with a bolt-style lock. The flat piece retracts to free the drawer when the key is put inside and rotated in the lock.

Cam Locks

Compared to deadbolt locks, cam locks are significantly less secure. But as they are simple and affordable, their application is enormous, including server cabinets, mailboxes, and drawers. They occasionally appear on front doors, which is uncommon due to security issues.

You can often install cam locks into the wooden furniture, which are cylindrical. A cross-bolt that secures drawers is attached to a revolving metal tube.

Advanced Technological Locking Mechanisms

Advanced technology has invented different types of locks, including smart and electric ones.

Smart Locks

Wi-Fi in your home is connected to smart locks. Your system allows you to log in from any location and control the locking and unlocking of your doors by pressing a button or sending a command. Camera features of a smart lock permit you to see someone's presence at your door before unlocking it.

Electronic Locks

For someone who frequently misplaces their keys or dislikes carrying around keys, electronic locks can be a smart solution. An electric lock's drawback is that it won't function if the power goes off. However, most versions come with a classic essential choice, so you can avoid the keypad if necessary.

Euro Profile Cylinders Locking Mechanism

These locks, widely used in Europe and other parts of the world, are now standard on sliding glass doors. Especially if the lock is too short for the sliding doors locking system it is intended to secure, they are particularly vulnerable to lock snapping.

Single Euro Profile Cylinder

By inserting a key into the lock inside the sliding glass door locks, the Single euro profile lock cylinder turns on the locking mechanism. From the outside, you can't unlock it.

Double Euro Profile Cylinder

A key can lock or unlock either side of the double euro profile cylinder.


On one side of the thumb, the turn is a thumb turn; on the other, there is a keyed lock.

Types Of Door Locks For Commercial Uses

Mortise locks are two commonly used commercial door locks.

Mortise Locks

Mortise cylinder locks for high security

Glass and metal storefront doors typically have mortise locks. These doors feature a thin aluminum band around the edge; thus, the locks are much smaller. Mortise cylinder locks and the mortise body are the two products that build up mortise locks. They are frequently purchased individually.

Mortise locks enhance the door frame profoundly. A mortise lock can increase the lock's strength while in a locked position. Besides commercial doors, you can use this type of lock on your glass entry and apartment doors.

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