Top 5 Ways To Ensure French Doors Security

securing French doors
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Every homeowner wants to maintain their home security, and probably you are not different from them. French doors are one of your home's most sensitive security points, with two separate entrances connecting in the midline. Even if you have done the deadbolt lock and door locks, these french doors can still readily swing open.

Indeed it makes you curious to know the reason. It occurs when the french doors are not properly locked, or maybe the provided locks are not updated. Our locksmith company, Armor Locks Co., is here to assist you with secure french door facilities.

For your convenience, we provide the three best methods for your french door security. These are:

  1. Fix a screw to stop the passive door from being unlocked- the most effective and simple one.
  2. Installation of new locks to attach the two doors properly.
  3. To protect the glass crushing, installation of a security film.

French doors' worst security flaw

You will not experience any issues when the passive door is well attached to the door's frame. However, it is simple to unlock the door's passive side. Anyone can easily beak the door locks with a small screw, drywall hammer, or even a thick coat hanger.

Anyone can use any thin, rigid object to latch the flush bolt and unlock the doors if inserted into the gap between two doors. Opening double doors only need a few seconds without showing any forced entry signs using this method.

Way Of Securing French Doors From Burglars- Fast Solution!

securing French doors

There are a few ways to protect a french door, but this one is the simplest, most affordable, and most straightforward. It doesn't cause any other security issues with double doors, including glass. Still, it will stop someone from breaking through your french door frame unidentified. An individual screw can prevent this bypass.

The door's passive side is seldom ever used. Typically, only when moving something particularly huge into or out of the house will a homeowner unlock it and use it. In that case, we advise installing screws in flush bolts to prevent them from opening before the screws are withdrawn. This easy, inexpensive, and double-door security upgrade will ultimately work.

To perform this, secure the door by sliding the flush pin into the door's frame. Later, insert a little screw into the end of the flush bolt to prevent the opening of the bolt till the removal of the screw. Take out the screws if you ever need this door, then put them back in once you're done with that arm of the door.

French Doors Safe With High-Security Locks

If you are concerned with a high-security locking system, you can try Mul-t-lock. This particular feature of the Mul-t-lock makes it perfect for double doors. Mul-t-lock bears a ball into the bolt that will fasten and lock into the hit of the other door frame. It makes it very challenging to separate the two doors!

When purchasing a Mul-t-Lock for a double french door, do not buy one with a thumb turn inside the house. Instead, purchase a double-cylinder deadbolt with keyholes on each side. This double deadbolt cylinder prevents forced entry using a thumb turn even if the glass is smashed.

No worries if you are not willing to spend extra money on Mul-t-lock. To increase the double french doors' security, you can improve the lock on your french doors to a standard grade. The Schlage 562 series is one of our favorites. Give your neighborhood locksmith a call if you're unsure of your possibilities; they'll be happy to assist you.

Securing Glass Door Windows Film From Burglars

Glass security film has various benefits. As a homeowner, you can install glass security film by yourself. This film will significantly secure your french doors by preventing breaking out of glasses when unlocking the door. Moreover, potential thieves can not reach inside your home because breaking the film is problematic.

Trying to break security window film

A film that is connected to the glass is security window film. The coating is apparent and thick, so it preserves the attractiveness of the door. As soon as it is put into the glass, it keeps it together so it won't break when struck. The coating prevents the glass from completely breaking.

To get the best security window film installation, you should move the panel, install the window film, and restore it to the window later. If you can't do this, you can use a tiny pill of transparent silicon almost to the window's edge. These windows have impact-resistant glass panes and laminated glass.

Reinforcing Kit For French Doors and Double Doors

You will need a specialized door reinforcement kit to reinforce a double-entry or active door. They only cost a few dollars more than the standard door kit, which is fantastic news because they are highly reasonable at a price.

The kits include everything required to reinforce the door edge, the jam, and the security hinges. Additionally, they provide three ′′ screws, so you don't have to use little 1/2′′ screws for securing your french doors.

Summery Of Double Door Security Hinges

Installing just one screw makes it practically free to secure your french door against the most straightforward bypass approach. However, you can do many extra things to strengthen the door's impartiality to its absolute security degree if you have high-value items and wish to lock the french door. But which one is preferable for you depends on your desire and cost.

Here are some products of our company for the active door or standard door:

Door Armor

It fortifies your front door or entry door. You can purchase the product from door armor at a reasonable price.

Smart Locks

Using a smartphone, access your locks. Our smart french doors will let you enter your home.

Sliding Doors Locks

The best door lock prevents your sliding glass door from being pulled out of its paths and keeps little children away from doors open and escaping the house.

Mortise Locks

These locks are upgraded versions of your home security bars, preventing unwanted break-ins of your entry door or one door.

Besides, we provide video doorbells, high-security bars, and padlocks for your home safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are French doors secure?

French doors are secure if you install these doors properly and have a top-quality locking system, the same as a standard door. Also, you have to fix severe security issues with French doors.

Is it costly to secure a french door?

The answer is no. You will find an easy fix for its weak point, which only costs a dollar. The cost may vary if you increase your security level.

Will my home's security's weak point always be the french door?

Following our helpful advice may protect your home's most precious items, one of its most significant security points.


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