Top 5 Best Ways To Secure A Door

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Publish at Aug 16, 2022 By: Isaac Bell
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Are you concerned about the safety of your front door? Have you been worried about the structural integrity of your door locks? If you are not satisfied with the security of your entry door, this article is just for you.

This article will assess different door security methods to prevent your doors from being kicked in. Please stay with us till the end of this article to learn more.

Door Barricade Devices For Entry Doors

Standard door security can't ensure 100% security of your entry doors. Most basic entry doors are held to the frame with only 3/8 to 1/2 inch screws and can be broken into with enough force. Therefore, they are not a good choice for permanent solutions. Also, what will you do after thieves and burglars get past your locks? Well, that's where the door barricade devices come in.

In the upcoming sections, we will explore different door securing methods and help you choose the best ways to secure a door.

Door Brace

Installing a door brace is the best way to make your door extremely secure from the inside. Door braces are devices installed inside to give a second wave of protection against forced entry.

a door brace

When a thief or burglar has already compromised your door security by breaking the door wedge, door hinges, lock rail, security bar, or door security locks, the door brace can stand against break-ins afterward.

A door brace is more preferred security option than others as they require no special door modification. Also, the door brace is easy to install and remove. Many types of door braces are available in the market, including mobile, security bars, semi deadbolt, barricade bards, and door closer.

Door security bars increase the resistance pressure per square inch to swing the door both ways. The most effective and efficient door braces are high-quality metals that can ensure protection and durability. Each type of door brace has its own set of unique features. You should always purchase a door brace depending on the security level or mobility you need.

For instance, you need a heavy-duty door brace for your front door. Also, depending on how frequently you need door braces, you must choose between permanent or temporary ones. However, you can't use the door brace when you go out to work or on vacation.


  • The door brace protects against home invasion
  • It acts as a second wave of protection
  • Most door braces can withstand almost 350lbs of force
  • Reinforce your door frame furthermore with a door security brace
  • No drill holes required


  • The door brace can only be mounted from the inside
  • Appearance might not be acceptable to everyone
  • A door brace can be pretty hard to install on a hard floor plate.

Door Jammer

door jammer

Door jammers are smaller door braces designed to jam the door utilizing friction by pressure or a baseboard attached to the ground. These devices prevent the opening of the door by jamming. But where do you put these jammers? Well, door jammers are the most effective at the boundary of the door hinges. The padded foot under the door jammer is made of materials with great fiction against pressure and impact forces.

Two kinds of door jammers are currently available in the market right now. The traditional ones use the tension between the doorway and the ground to jam the door. At the same time, advanced models extend and retract by twisting the prop into the ground. Purchase the best one according to your door type.

Advanced type 0f door jammers are fastened to the floor and can slide or snap into the floor plate. Premium models of the door jammers also have proximity sensors connected to an alarm system.


  • Most door jammers are portable
  • It prevents slipping and damage to the floor.
  • Compatible with most doors
  • Installation requires a small footprint.
  • Visually appealing to look at.


  • Door jammers block the door at the base from opening.
  • If the thieves or burglars manage to open the door lock, the resistance to impact can cause extensive damage, especially for hinged doors.
  • Weaker doors can be flexed by the extreme resistance of the door jammers allowing intruders to get inside.
  • Door jammer can only be mounted on one-directional doors.

Door Security Bar

A door security bar uses pressure to reinforce a door. The security bar is placed between the door knob and the floor, providing compression stress to counter pressure or impact forces.

You should always ensure that the security door bar is tightly supported between the door handle and the floor. Ensure the bar is 45 degrees with the base for the most effective door reinforcement. You can also use door security bars with your sliding doors.


  • Security bars can resist impact/pressure on the center of the door
  • The tensile strength of the security bar is fully dependent upon the door handle/ knob or whatever you are firming it beneath
  • Secure your security bar under solid support. It will protect your door from several hundred pounds of pressure or impact force.
  • This is one of the most reliable methods of securing a door.


  • If the security bar is not supported correctly, it will most likely withstand any force.
  • Not portable
  • The security bar can't be installed on the outward opening door.

Half Deadbolt

Half deadbolt is a kind of deadbolt that is only noticeable from the inside. There is no evidence of the existing deadbolt from the outside as there are no keyholes on the outside. You can securely mount half deadbolts with screws.

You should typically install a half deadbolt above the current deadbolt to increase the resistance capability and improve the distribution of the force across the door.

To increase your home's security further, try mounting the deadbolt on the top and the bottom of your door. This way, you can get maximum protection against imposed entry.


  • Maximum security against forced entry
  • Works with two-directional doors
  • The most secure countermeasure against the would-be intruder
  • Child-proof.


  • Requires installation with professional locksmiths
  • Mounting half deadbolts require drilling into the door.
  • It can also be mounted on a sliding door.

Barricade Bars

Barricade bars are the perfect door security devices if you want maximum security without considering the looks. These devices incorporate one bar and two-door barricades on both sides of the door. Because of their unsightly looks, these security devices are primarily used for commercial purposes, including hotel rooms, offices, warehouses, and others.


  • The MOST secure.


  • Unsightly appearance
  • You need professionals to install barricade bars.
  • Not compatible with sliding doors


Ensuring security is the biggest concern for every house owner. The increasing burglary has made people think twice about relying on standard door locks. Therefore, the application of different door barricade devices has become extremely important.

Installing a door barricade device doesn't necessarily need any modification of the existing door lock or the strike plate. But these devices can provide a high level of improved security against forced entry.

The above article mentioned some security devices for entirely securing your door. We hope you have looked at our above article about the best ways to secure a door. Thank you for being so patient. Take care. Be safe.

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