Tools Of A Locksmith And Their Usage

Locksmith Using A Tool To Unlock Door
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Being a locksmith is quite a complicated job; it needs many tools to complete a task. As the locks and safety mechanisms are upgraded daily, the tools and methods used also change their art.

Some standard locksmith tools are widely used in almost every task, and special tools are only used while doing specific tasks. These tools make the locksmith jobs a lot easier and less time-consuming.

So if the right tools are used, the work becomes a lot easy, and the work becomes efficient. Please read the following part to learn more about the most used locksmith tools and their usage!

Essential Locksmith Tools

The everyday tasks locksmiths perform are general installation, repair, and keying, re-keying jobs. So locksmith tools depend on the specific locksmithing job. Various small and large locksmith tools are used to complete the customer requirement.

Tools vary depending on the service, whether it's a home service, car service, or standard typical locksmith service. Locksmiths have hand, power, electric, and inspection tools depending on the task.

Standard Locksmith Tools

Starters lock pick set:

A Standard Lockpicking Tool

As the most common purchase, lock pick sets contain mainly a set of 9 picks. A basic set has different and most common types of lock picks. You must select a set with a basic hook pick; tubular lock picks rack and diamond. These are the most used ones!

Key Extractors:

They are prevalent and one of the most used tools. Customers face key stuck or problems with broken keys very often. Key extractors come in handy at that time.

It has a scissor set with many configuration options to help the broken key extraction process. This essential tool can extract keys stuck in awkward and tricky places in keyholes.

Formed end Tweezers:

There are some small and hard-to-reach places on the locksmithing job. Hands can't reach these places, so we have tweezers for that.

Although they are not like regular tweezers, they are specifically made for these kinds of work. The tweezers have formed ends to pick up or install small pins. They are capable of doing things where hands can't reach properly.

Key Cutter and key duplicator:

The last time, there were a lot of key-cutting tools. But nowadays, only one piece of equipment can do different cutting tasks like a standard, automatic, barrel, simple cut, and dimple keys.

Miracle A9/SEC9 miling or similar key machines are available now. Locksmiths can use them to cut key code as well as duplicate keys. They are not affordable; however, the masterwork and features are worth the money!

Hand-Held Scope:

While working in tight spaces, we need a precise perception. A lighting scope comes in hand at that time. They are easy to carry and found in the common equipment shop.

Tension Tools:

Sometimes locksmiths need to hold pins in place while applying pressure to lock pins. Tension tools lock lines in place and stop them from going down.

It has a steel material frame and spring wrench to control and adjust the tool according to needs!

Padlock Shims:

They are used for tacking apart locks from the body—pressure and twisting motion on the hasp tears apart the lock. Locksmiths have a collection of different size hasps to work.

Locksmith Tools For Vehicle

Locksmith Using A Tool To Unlock Door

Gas Cap:

Keys to cars aren't the only ones that go missing. Because many car gas caps from popular brands have locks to stop gas theft, locksmiths have a universal gas cap unlocking the key to open any tank.

Auto Wedge Set:

They are used in lockout situations. They are just light kits usually made out of ABS plastic. Locksmith slides them smoothly between the window and the window scraper.

Auto Shutter toolset:

This collection of tools is used to open the dust covers of vehicle locks. Technicians use it to handle locks cautiously and avoid damaging a customer's vehicle with auto shutters.

Slim Jim Set:

It comes in handy in lockout situations. There are various tools in that set, which are used by the technicians depending on the clients' condition.

Auto Jigglers:

It is a special kind of steel lock pick tool for cars. Auto jigglers are primarily used in domestic and high-end company cars.

Locksmith Tools for Home

Safe Scope:

Safes contain valuable things for customers. The safe space serves a particular purpose for them. That's why locksmiths need to be extra careful with accessories or locksmith tools while working on a safe or vault.

The scope for vaults has a powerful light beam so that quality work can be done on that, and also, it can be made sure that locksmith equipment does not damage it.

Key Code Decoder and Key Machines:

Key decoders are metal or plastic cards that determine the depth of the key or tubular key pin.

Everlast locks TEnsion wrench:

They were mainly designed for picking the Schlarge Everlast cylinders. These cylinders are widely used in the home door nobs. So it can list the check fin found in the back of the keyway of the cylinder.

Locksmith Safe And Vault Tools

Safe Change key set:

There are many safe key change sets. The most common industry leader set is the K-18 key change set. The set is formed of durable materials and has 12 common safe change keys.

The key sets are affordable and can be found in almost every locksmith shop in the country.

Broken Drill bit extractors:

Broken drills can often hat your work. Without proper supplies, your work can be stuck for hours. So drill bit extractors comes in. It can extract broken bits from 3/16 to 1/4 inch thick with its three-layer solid grip.

Thermal Lance:

It's a potent tool. It burns at a temperature of 5550°C by compressed oxygen. It can melt through steel, glass, iron, high-density barrier, and plates.

Locksmith Equipment And Safety


A durable and rust-resistant toolbox is required for the safety of the accessories. A Stanly fat max toolbox or anything of a similar price can help in mobile conditions during rough weather.

Safety Gloves:

Hands are the most precious things, and it needs protection. Any situation can turn into a bad accident at any moment. So all should be safe than sorry. Cut and temperature-resistant gloves can save from splinters and spilling on skin.

Eye Protection:

Regular glass and sunglass won't protect in the rough locksmith work conditions. A good quality safety glass can save from debris, metal shaving, or fire sparkles. They can be found in any shop and should get enough credit.

Protective footwear:

Locksmiths mostly spend their day on their feet. There are many categories of boots and shoes which are specifically designed for these kinds of prolonged usage. It will help in injury and swelling while working mobile and keeping the feet comfortable.

Business Software For Locksmiths

Modern locksmith companies use specialized software and tools to conduct the business and manage stock, note managing, and cash flow. There are many master software that can grow and handle the locksmith business.

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What kind of equipment do you need to start a locksmith business?

Some standard tools you might consider getting are a complete locksmith machine, key cutter, key duplicator, and some small tools.

Software and automobile-based tools will come in handy in vehicle locksmith services. You can find them at any typical locksmith shop.

What is one of the most common locksmith tasks?

Repairing and upgrading old security and lockout situations are everyday locksmith tasks.

However, emergency services and security systems upgrade in both home and office is widespread nowadays.

Can locksmiths get into safes?

Locksmiths have many tools to help you access your locked safe. However, more secure and modern safes need a particular procedure to get an entry!

If your safe is locked, you should contact an expert locksmith like us rather than experiment on your valuable safe. Call us at 832-481-5030 for locksmith needs! Also, you may visit our dispatch office at 231 Cavalcade St Houston, TX 77009.

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