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Looking for a reliable locksmith in Friendswood, TX? Look no further than Armor Locks! We provide 24-hour emergency locksmith services, car key replacement, and other locksmith services. We're licensed and bonded, and our fast responding service is available at an affordable price. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!

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Professional Locksmith Services for All Your Lock Needs

locksmith Friendswood TX

Some locks are stubborn, and some are hard to understand. Imagine someday you are unable to open your door lock. You might need professional help.

We at Armor Locks Co. — Friendswood, TX, offer a one-stop solution for all your lock-related issues. If you just changed your key lock, but the system is not working even after repeated efforts, you need the right locksmith to fix it.

Armor Locks — Locksmith Friendswood provides a one-stop solution for all of your lock-related problems. We have locksmiths that reach your location and get your locks fixed. Whether a traditional deadbolt lock or an advanced keyless entry system, our locksmith will resolve it in a single go. You need to call us at 832-481-5030 to reach any second.

We have experts that can fix almost every lock. Whether keyless entry or deadbolt locks, we have the tools and experience to fix them within a few minutes.

The Best Local Locksmith Services in Friendswood, Texas

Looking for an exemplary locksmith service when you need one is challenging. Your local locksmiths might offer you cheap services but compromise the quality. However, here at Armor Locks, we send professional locksmiths that come to your place and fix locks for you at a minimal cost.

We have a team of professionals that understand your locks quite well and therefore do not make unnecessary efforts to fix them. Thus, this ultimately saves your extra costs, and at the same time, you do not have to compromise on the quality of the material.

We do lock installation and replacement within minutes. We are proud to say that now we have a family of thousands that trust us for our locks and locksmith services; Call 832-481-5030 to know more.

Why Choose Us?

Armor Locks Co. is the best choice for your Friendswood Locksmith's needs for several reasons:

Quick Response Time

We respond within minutes. Our locksmiths will reply to you as soon as you call us and start the process of rescuing you at your location.

Our customer cares executive takes your problems on call and provides you with a suggestion. We immediately send our locksmiths to your location if the problem is extensive.

Licensed and Insured

Our locksmith services are fast and trustworthy. You can trust our locksmiths in Friendswood for your needs and wants. We have locksmiths that are officially certified and insured.

We have successfully won the trust of thoughts, and therefore, we do not just claim, but we do what we always say. To get our services, call 832-481-5030.


The cost of replacing your locks was never so less before Armor Locks Co. entered the era. We at Armor Locks Co. are offering not only fast locksmith services.

But our services are super affordable and easy to reach out to. Cheap services do not always mean that you have to compromise in terms of security and quality of the product. Armor Locks — Friendswood Locksmith has a collection of the best quality locks that will keep your home safe and secure.

24-Hour Emergency Locksmith Friendswood, TX

Whether day or night, weekend or the working day, we at Armor Locks Co. offer fast and assured locksmith services at your doorstep.

We will reach you no matter what time it is. Therefore, we provide fast, 24/7 locksmith services, so you no longer have to roam around whenever in need.

Locksmith services

Our Friendswood Locksmiths provides several locksmith services at your home. Let us have a look at some of the fantastic services that we are getting:

Automotive locksmith services

Armor Locks Co. provides the fastest automotive services for all the vehicles; no matter what vehicle or model you have, we have arrangements to fix them all.

We offer door lock repairs for your luxury car at a minimal cost. Usually, luxury car services are expensive, but this is not the case with our Friendswood, TX Locksmiths. Our automotive services are versatile and super affordable.

We also fix your car key at a meager price. We repair almost all car keys of all the car brands available in the market. Call us anytime at 832-481-5030.

Commercial locksmith services

Suppose you're looking for a reliable and professional locksmith to keep your workplace safe. In that case, Armor Locks Co. is a perfect choice! We can provide you with smart locks that will allow you to keep your office secure, even when you're not there.

We have a set of master key systems depending upon your needs and requirements; we fit the locks at your location. We reach you before the local locksmith shop and provide you with expert locksmith teams to help you pick the best lock to fit on your office doors.

Our master key systems are super affordable and available anytime you install them. All you have to do is call us on 832-481-5030, and we will catch you in minutes.

Residential locksmith services

Armor Locks Co is offering high-security locks for homes. We know how much you care about your loved ones and belongings. Therefore, we are providing fast locksmith services at homes. We deliver the right high-tech security locks that fit your home doors.

We also provide the replacement of house keys in case you lose one. Armor Locks Co. Friendswood provides affordable locksmith services for homes and residential areas. Therefore, you need not worry about losing a bomb on just a simple lock replacement.

Emergency locksmith services

We offer the fastest emergency services at your doorstep. It becomes hard to wait when your beloved ones and belongings are vulnerable. Therefore, Armor Locks Co. — Locksmith Friendswood will reach you the fastest.

Our locksmith company is trustworthy and super flexible. All you need to do is service call 832-481-5030 anytime.

Services that we offer

  • Replacement of lost keys
  • New key fobs
  • Car key replacement
  • Instant lock repairs
  • New car keys
  • Fast car locksmith
  • Instant key extraction
  • Fast re-key locks
  • Premium lock installation
  • Auto locksmith services

If you are servicing premium services at your doorstep, do not forget to call Armor Locks Co. —Locksmith Friendswood. We will help you deal with your problems and get you out with a permanent solution. All you have to do is trust our services and call us anytime.