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Schlage Encode Smart Deadbolt for front door
Publish at Aug 30, 2022 By: Isaac Bell
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Modern technology has so many great inventions, and Schlage smart lock is one of them for your home security. This Schlage Encode smart deadbolt links straight to your wifi. As a result, you can get easy access to it with the help of the Schlage App. Moreover, you don't need any extra third-party hardware.

Therefore, Zigbee hubs or Z-wave are not necessary for the Schlage Encode. The Schlage Smart Lock is the company's top-quality smart lock, while Schlage also offers other smart locks.

We have recent posts on lock types, french door lock security, etc. But this article is mainly about the details information of Schlage Encode Lock. Let's begin.

Design Of Schlage Encode Deadbolt Lock

There are two designs for the Schlage Encode Deadbolt Lock. The modern present-day smart deadbolt lock is the first one which is also known as the century fashion. This model is fascinating, having more triangular and firm lines. If you decide to use just new hardware, this design will remain popular for long years.

There are just two finishes available for the Schlage Century model: satin nickel and black. The new hardware color black is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Schlage's new smart deadbolt features Camelot style for those who prefer more conventional locks or have already installed locks. The Camelot style costs roughly $20, which is cheaper than the Century model but does the same functions. The original Camelot style is only available in Stain Nickel and Aged Bronze. You can check this style on Amazon [Camelot Style].

How To Install Schlage Smart Locks Having Encode

Schlage Encode Smart Deadbolt for front door

Installation of the Schlage Encode Smart Lock is similar to installing a regular deadbolt, except for connecting it to wifi. You can contact a neighborhood locksmith company. Our Armor Lock Co. company is ready to provide services near Houston, TX area at a low price.

This Smart Deadbolt Lock has a unique feature that has made its installation more manageable. It features a "break and pause" function, and it will break the inside and external portions together to ensure that the lock remains in place. It allows you to install the pair lock components more quickly because your hands are free.

Additionally, Schlage offers a heavy kit that enables the Schlage Encode Door Locks to be installed. You may require this kit to keep an untypical door secure.

In the case of taking the cylinder out of the lock, installing a heavy door kit for a fashionable deadbolt does make the installation process slightly more complicated. Hire a nearby locksmith to install in case of a typical size (1 7/8") door.

Schlage goods are more durable than other brands, which is another top quality. It indicates that there are additional parts for installation that will assist fortify your Schlage deadbolt lock.

For instance, the Schlage Encode contains additional long screws and a long steel strike than usual. It's not necessary to install these other components for smart lock installation. But it would help if you tried it to protect & strengthen your front door or garage door lock. Thus, it will significantly increase your door's security.

After installation, the Schlage smart lock must ascertain its position in your house door. It manages the motor's deadbolt to extend and retract more. When you have completed the installation and input any defected user code, the lock will enter an automatic setup mode to accomplish this.

What qualities does the Schlage Encode Smart Lock Deadbolt have?

The Schlage Encode gives you remote access to all the locks, just like other Smart Locks do. A few key features of the Schlage Encodeare below:

The Schlage Encode functions properly without wifi. The essential advantage of the Encode deadbolt is disappeared without wifi because you can't utilize the App. However, it is possible and does not cost extra money.

There are almost 100 user codes ranging from 4 to 8 digits. Pick the code's length carefully. The existing deadbolt codes will all be deleted from the existing lock and require setup if you decide to alter them later.

2.4g network capability is fixed to wifi for home automation, which might be problematic.

The lock has a Schlage tamper alarm frequently featured in their electronic locks. A 90-decibel alarm will ring if anyone attempts to hit the locks. Also, you can switch off the alarm feature if you wish.

You can lock the house door outwardly except key or code by single touch locking sign on the screen. The Schlage Smart Lock has three years guarantee that no other smart lock can provide.

Rekeying a Schlage encode to go with your house key is possible. Moreover, any local Houston locksmith can rekey your smart deadbolt lock to work with your home keys.

The Smart Lock has an excellent vacation mode feature. It will permanently impair all codes, preventing any code from opening the lock when you are outside. The lock can be opened in vacation mode using the key override.

Some Features Of Schlage Home App

Using the Schlage App, you can keep an eye on the activity log system of this smart lock. It includes who and when the door is unlocked; you may lock and open it from any location.

This excellent Home App helps to approve code, and code has daytime and hour restrictions. It is fantastic for a dog walker, cleaner, etc.

You can set the code's expiration date, and there are also all times codes. But you do not get support for one-time access from Schlage locks.

Virtual keys are another feature. If the recipient has loaded the Schlage Smart Home app, you can transmit one virtual key into their phone through this feature. Thus, they can perform the door lock picking activity using their phone.

This Encode Smart Lock has a convenient function where you can get alerts, such as low power or a put-on code to unlock the lock you want to receive. Some smart locks do not have this feature.

The battery percentage is displayed in the App. Customers incredibly like its function that removes any uncertainty.

The Schlage lock enables multiple locks through distinctive naming. But this App can not aid you in various locations. In this case, you can specify an area in a few apps and then add locks to that place then.

Schlage makes it considerably simple to control various locations. By using this App, there is no option to organize your locks this way; instead, you must depend on the name of the lock.

Smart fingerprint lock for smart home

Schlage Encode Lock's various features

We will discuss some additional features of this Schlage Smart Lock right now.

It's unnecessary to re-establish the existing locks if your wifi alters; alter the wifi background from the App. So, starting and entering all the lock codes is irrelevant if your router changes.

It assists both Amazon key and Amazon Alexa. For Amazon services, Amazon Key enables the driver to drop an item inside your house.

The Schlage Smart Lock also boosts Google Assistant.

The screen is resistant to fingerprints, and this function helps to cover fingerprints on the screen that could reveal the numbers applied in the code.

Some Limitations Of Schlage Encode Locks

Although numerous smart locks own excellent features, they also have some limitations, which is valid for Schlage Smart Lock.

Only a single physical key fits the lock, and just a single override key costs more than $200. It ought to include two keys instead of one key.

There is no door monitoring at all. Though you can know the door's locked or unlocked position, you can not know whether the entrance is free or confined.

You can delete all current user codes if you subsequently decide to adjust the width of codes. Although you can schedule a temporary active period, Schlage App does not provide unique user codes.

If you search for some routers that support the Schlage Smart Lock, you will never find it. The smart lock only works for routers having 2.4g, so it probably won't function in the case of the latest routers.

Although this smart lock offers a variety of goods and finishes, few styles and colors are currently available for Schlage Encode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other questions may come into your mind about the Schlage encode lock.

What is Schlage rekeying set?

This rekeying kit is planned to function with Schlage's five-pin door locksets. Rekey kit permits you to rekey locks to only one key, including necessary tools, pins, and step-by-step instructions for rekeying locks.

Do I need the primary key to rekey a Schlage deadbolt?

The reset key with new Schlage locks permits you to rekey the lock except using the existing key.

Final Thoughts

Despite some limitations, Schlage Encode Smart Lock is an excellent and grade one lock. You can consider Armor Locks Co., a company to install a Schlage Encode lock or to replace your existing deadbolt lock. Our company has an excellent reputation as a local locksmith of 231 Cavalcade St Houston, TX 77009. Contact us at [832-481-5030] or mail [] for detailed instructions.

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