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Yale locks are the most advanced, recent-technology, creative door locks. It has a master PIN code option. If you forget the PIN or the PIN stops working, resetting Yale smart lock will probably solve the problem.

You might have forgotten the master Passcode, shifted to a new home, or maybe there's a glitch in the lock. Whatever it is, generally, you can solve the problem by retting your Yale lock.

After observing the Yale lock closely and figuring out ways to solve the Yale lock problems, one of the most valuable ways to solve the issues is to reset the lock or its Keypad. Keeping you in our mind, we have made a guideline that you can use and reset your Yale lock.

When Do You Need To Reset Your Yale Lock Keypad?

In some situations, you might need to reset the Yale lock.

Connecting the Yale lock with a smart phone

If You Lose Your Master PIN Code:

You'll need to reset the clock if you forget the master PIN. You can't keep on programming features return or update the software without it.

Lock Malfunction:

You'll have to reset the lock if the lock doesn't function properly or stops operating as it should. The most typical issue that users face is a non-responsive touchpad.

If You Install The Lock To A New Door:

It is better to reset the lock whenever you reinstall it on another door and set a new user and a master user. This way, the new owner can choose a new master passcode.

When you relocate to another house, it's essential to reset or remove all kind of smart home appliances that you own; however, door locks need special attention s it provides safety to you and your family. As a result, the master user needs to set up their Yale lock so that the previous owner cannot access it anymore.

Fortunately, the resetting process of a Yale lock is a quick and easy task as it takes a few minutes.

How To Factory Reset A Yale Smart Lock Step By Step

  • Remove the Yale lock batteries from the lock using a thumb stick or the covered key tool with the Yale lock cover to access the screw holes.
  • Carefully insert the stick or tool into the opening of the battery compartment.
  • Hold the cover tightly at its height and take it off while still pressing the thumb tick or key.
  • Remove every battery from the battery compartment.
  • After that, you need to take off the mounting plate. For that, two bolts secure the mounting plate of the smart lock. Unscrew those bolts.
  • You'll find the reset button on the left side of the wire connection, under the mounting plate.
  • While replacing the batteries, maintain pressure on the reset key.
  • Keep on maintaining the pressure while the light goes red and the announcement of comes live saying, "Just a minute, deleting all settings,"
  • Let go of the reset button now.
  • Remove all the batteries once more. Remove the two closest batteries on to access the screw holes.
  • Tighten the two bolts which support the mounting plate and put the batteries back on, which you pulled back earlier

Now the factory settings reset is done. You might need to change the battery cover. To change the cover, you need to slide the two sections on the cover's bottom into the lock's holes and press until the upper tab secures.

Check If The Yale Smart Lock Reset Is Successful

You may perform the following to make sure that the Yale smart lock has been reset and is ready to serve you:

  • Click the white indication light. If the Yale lock says: "Unlock" and the light pulses blue saying "Ready. To register the lock with your account," stay assured that the former owner's account no longer exists.
  • Know that the lock is still synced to the previous owner's account if the Yale lock shows "Privacy mode is on" or "Privacy mode is off." Start the home app you use, choose your lock, press Settings, and select "Remove Lock" to erase the lock.
  • Suppose a Yale lock is already set when you shift into a home. In that case, you may reset it using the instructions at the beginning of this guide, but ask the former owner to disable the Yale lock from their account, and then you can customize it.

How Do You Reset Your Yale Door Lock Code If The Master Code Fails To Work?

Connecting the Yale lock with a smart phone
  • Keep an eye on the number of beeps if the door won't unlock as you enter your master passcode into the Touchscreen. The Smart Keypad has features that you can use to identify possible problems.
  • The code input is incorrect if your door does not open after the touchpad buzzes once when you enter the code. To open the door, try the master passcode once more. Entering codes for keypads must be four or six digits long.
  • Your Yale keypad is not in communication with the lock if it beeps twice after entering the code, yet the door does not unlock. This problem can be solved by resetting the lock.
  • Make sure you can connect the Yale lock to your phone before undertaking a reset to ensure that the lock isn't your problem. Try restarting the padlock at the beginning if you find out that it is the source of the problem. Take one battery lock and put it back in to restart the lock. Retry the enter code after restarting the lock. If it doesn't work, you'll need to reset the Keypad.
  • Go to the keypad options in the Yale Access App. Choose the Keypad Disable option. It has to be done within a Bluetooth range.
  • When you choose the unplug option, a four-digit number will be provided so you can physically reset your Keypad.
  • To reset the gadget, input this security code into the Keypad. The Keypad may now be reset after completing these instructions.
  • If the Keypad is reset, all input codes that have been previously inserted must be entered again, as the previous information will be deleted.

Original Default Settings

  • Try to reprogram the other programming aspects because they also reset to the factory settings once the lock has been reset.
  • Time is required for such a lock to relock automatically when a user successfully opens the doorway is known as the automated irrigation time. After resetting the lock, the system switches back to an automatic relock time of thirty seconds.
  • Single Touch Locking: Whenever the lock is in the extended position, you have to wake the screen up to engage the lock; the lock stretches into the closed position on its own. By default, this functionality is turned on.
  • When coding is being done, this feature provides auditory code verification. It is activated by default but may be turned off if the lock is used in a quiet area.

Incorrect Code Entry Restrict:

This determines how many incorrect PIN entries a user may make before the security shuts down automatically. Following this, it forbids all operations for security concerns. The lock's original default settings only allow five failed tries to input user codes.

Shutdown Time:

The interval between shutdown and the fifth failed attempt to input the correct user codes is called shutdown time. The factory's original default settings specify a sixty-second shutdown time.


What is a Yale lock's standard master code?

Answer: The Yale lock's master code is 123456.

Can lock support two master PINs?

Answer: There can be only a single master code. Having two persons aware of the same main code may simplify things.

If I replace the batteries, would my lock reset itself?

Answer: No, switching out the battery does not reset anything to default.

Last Words:

These steps will make sure that your resetting Yale lock process goes smoothly. Resetting the Yale lock is as easy as filling out a juice bottle in just a moment. All you have to do is follow the simple steps while retting it. Resetting the lock generally fixes all the problems you might be improving. Resetting the lock also ensures the safety of your home if you feel like someone else might have an idea about your Yale lock passcode.

Whatever the reason, this guideline should help you do it correctly. If you feel like you need an expert to do it for you, do not worry, as we've covered you. Armor Locks can provide you with any locksmith service. Be it a traditional lock or a modern one. Resetting your Yale lock or any other service you might need will be done professionally by our team. call us on 832-481-5030 now and book an appointment or get a free consultation.

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