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The safety of your family and your house always comes first, which is why it is crucial to maintain door security. Maintaining door security might seem challenging, but sometimes, it isn't easy. But in most circumstances, to maintain door security, you must ensure your door frame is reinforced properly.

Door frames can sometimes be a bit on the fragile side. However, if your entry door or front door frame is weak, that is a safety concern. Front door security is no joke at all. Most burglaries happen due to people not reinforcing their doors. To keep your house and family safe from all sorts of danger, you need to know a few important things.

The best way to keep your house safe is by having proper knowledge regarding door reinforcement, addressing the main weak points of the door frame, figuring out the lock's weakness, and a few other things. Here is all you need to know about a reinforced door.

Ways To Reinforce A Door

Reinforcing the main door of your house is crucial. Here are a few ways you can reinforce your house door without a hassle:

Locking The Entry Door

Door After Being Reinforced

Most people forget to lock the entry door to their house. This is often the reason behind most break-ins, as most burglars enter through open doors. By double-checking and ensuring your main door is closed, you can avoid a ton of trouble and keep yourself safe.

An Unlocked door is often the reason behind all sorts of dangerous situations. Getting a good Door lock can also be helpful with an alarm system, hinge shield, and jamb shield made of high gauge steel.

Invest In A Strike Plate

Investing in a strike plate might be the thing you need to do to maintain the safety of your house. Strike plates secure the door to the frame properly; if you deadbolt strike the plate to your door frame, the chances of a break-in increase drastically.

Getting a strike plate lock for your exterior doors is also a good idea. Strike plates also make your door kick-proof.

Changing Screws In Door Frame For Door Security

The screws that keep your door attached to the frame are flimsy. These screws are very fragile. A few heavy pushes, and they will break off. This is why changing these screws and opting for bigger screws is always a good idea. The long screws help ensure the security of your home.

Getting a new deadbolt and more screws is the best solution for home improvement as it keeps you and your family safe. Opting for a double cylinder deadbolt or sturdier door hinge is also a good idea. You can even try swing bar locks along with the bigger screws.

Installing Security Bar

Suppose you are looking for a way to prevent burglaries in your house. In that case, opting for security bars is a good idea. These help keep your home safe from forced entry. Forcible entry is impossible once security bars are installed.

Strengthening The Edges Of The Door

The weakest part of a door is its edge. So, we must pay special attention to it. To secure the door's edge, you must install a door wrap. Door wraps protect the door from all sorts of blunt force as the wrap helps distribute force, making it harder for burglars to break-in.

You can get these door wraps along with a door latch in a door reinforcement kit or opt for the door armor max, as it has everything you need to protect your door's weak points and your door edge. The door armor max also contains hinge shields.

Getting A Door With A Sturdy Door Frame

A door with a sturdy door frame is crucial when it comes to protecting your house. A door frame can be the thing that safeguards your family from kick-ins, so being extra careful is always a good idea.

Getting a solid wood door with a wooden frame is a good idea; however, a metal door with security pins can protect your house much better than any wood door. Sliding doors are also a bad idea as they are easy to open.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

Can Wood Screws Be Used To Reinforce A Door?

Answer: Wood screws can be used to reinforce A door; however, wood screws are not the best as they can easily break, which doesn't make them an excellent option to help protect your house.

How Much Does It Cost To Reinforce A Door?

Answer: It doesn't cost much to reinforce a door. As a matter of fact, with just 130$ to 150$, you can get your door reinforced and keep your home safe.

Is Wide Angle Peephole A Part Of Door Reinforcement?

Answer: If you have a small peephole, then it can be quite difficult for you to look through the peephole and detect any danger; however, if the peephole has a wide angle, then you can see a lot more which ensures more safety. So, it's clear that the wide-angle peephole is a part of door reinforcement.

What Is The Best Way To Reinforce A Door?

Answer: The best way to reinforce a door is by adding an extra layer of metal. You have to install the metal over the door jamb. It makes sure that the door can not be kicked in. You also must ensure that the long screws have penetrated the wall studs, providing much more security.

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Reinforcing your door can save you from a ton of dangers. Once you reinforce your door, you won't have to worry about break-ins and burglaries anymore. You and your family are going to be safe. So, reinforce your door as soon as possible and let go of all your worries.

Reinforcing your door might seem tough; however, if you spend a few bucks now, your family will be safe in the long run. You will be able to avoid all sorts of dangerous situations.

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