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Key duplication with a key duplicator
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When you are trapped inside your house or a car, the first thing most of you do is call a locksmith. When you avail of key-making services for your house or car keys, locksmith services will make a brand new key for you.

Have you ever wondered how they do it? How do key copying services make replacement car keys or house keys? In this blog, we'll cover key replacement services and other key services you can get from local locksmiths. Follow us till the end for useful information.

Car Keys ( Auto keys ) Making Steps

1. Checking The Car And Finding Perfect Key

Before keys are made, the locksmith will check the car model and lock system. A vehicle identification number, an internet search, or specialized computer software can do the key identification work.

After the identification, the next step is determining how to make the new keys. When a local car dealership charges a ton, a local locksmith comes to the rescue.

2. Key Cutting

Key duplication with a key duplicator

This mainly works for the older vehicles with a standard key. The key cutting process is relatively easy for it. There are key codes for the car lock. When put in the specialized software, it will provide the cut keys, which can then be duplicated into the blank ones.

However, if no key codes are found, the task becomes a bit tricky. Then the mobile locksmith will have to remove the lock from the driver's end to search for the key code from the lock. The key code is usually stamped on the back of the lock.

If none of these methods works, the locksmith will manually decode the lock and try to find the cut keys. Locksmiths are well trained for this particular job and will do a fantastic job if required equipment is provided.

The key blank is then "cut to code" using professional electronic key cutting machinery, which effectively means it is cut to the exact factory standards given by the keys' code.

3. Programing The Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are commonly used in newer autos. Transponder keys feature an electronic chip embedded into the key's head. When the key is placed into the ignition, the key's chip disables the engine immobilizer, enabling the motor to start. Sometimes the key turns the ignition, but the automobile will not start without the right chip.

After the correct key blank is identified and the transponder chip from a local dealership, the programming can be done in two ways:

  • Key Cloning: The keys are made exactly like the standard keys. Key copies have the same key data from the transponder chip.
  • Programming The Key Into The Vehicle: It is done with a specialized device. It is specifically designed to program the keys into the vehicle.

The specialized service and software locksmiths will either identify and duplicate keys or program the new keys in the vehicle. This process also includes programming the remote for the car and boot unlocking.

4. Test

After the key was already cut to code and the transponder chip has been cloned or programmed into the vehicle, it is time to test the car keys to ensure that everything works properly.

This doesn't take much time and guarantees that everyone is pleased. In most circumstances, the vehicle key will work on the first try since locksmiths with the most delicate equipment and years of experience and skills in similar circumstances will know what to do.

House Keys

Making the keys: The process of making the home keys are similar to the car key except for the extra hassles. A skilled locksmith can make new keys without having the original key.

  • Keys cutting is done by a machine called a key duplicator. Your original key is placed in the machine, and the duplicator duplicates keys with the alignment tools and blade. The key duplication machine focuses on the alignment tool to ensure a high-performance key.
  • Finding the correct key blank for key cutting services is pretty easy for residential keys. A similar key blank to the original is used if custom keys are not demanded.
  • Replacement keys are made from original keys. Key duplicated from a replacement key is not recommended if you have the original key.
  • Key cutting services often take 20-30 minutes for a key duplication or key replacement. However, it depends on how you want your keys to be made.

Key Cutting Services That Locksmiths Offer

Different kind of keys

Here is a list of common keys that a professional locksmith will be able to duplicate:

Do Not Duplicate Keys:

There is a popular myth that the keys labeled as no duplicate can't be duplicated or shouldn't be duplicated. No rules or regulation says that you cant duplicate them.

When a home improvement store declines key duplication of these keys, you have a locksmith who offers key duplication services for all keys.

Do not duplicate keys are not restricted keys, but some keys are referred to as restricted by the locksmiths. They are illegal to duplicate and can be fined up to 10000$ if proven guilty.

Keys Locksmith Will Duplicate:

A locksmith can duplicate most of the keys. However, the most common ones are:

  • Auto keys - Some can be duplicated, and some must be created. Locksmiths can do both with or without the help of car dealerships if advanced auto parts are provided.
  • Padlock keys - They are Yele keys and can be duplicated easily.
  • Dnd keys are found at the house's main door or apartments. Key replacements are very common for it.
  • Standard house keys - A locksmith easily duplicates house keys.
  • Safe Keys - Safe keys are the most requested key service. Depending on the safe lock type, key copying services may differ. Also, it takes a while to prove a replacement key.

Armor Locks Co. Provides Key For Everything In Houston, TX

If it has a lock, Armor Locks co. can offer key services. Our locksmiths can service all the locks from key replacement, repair, or duplication.

We are a Houston TX based locksmith company with a quick response time. We offer key cutting services of every kind. If you want high-performance keys made near you, call us at 832-481-5030.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can locksmiths make any keys?

Locksmiths can make most keys. However, some keys are pretty tricky to duplicate. But keys made by expert locksmiths are very reliable.

How much does it cost to make a key from a lock?

Standard keys made for residential work can cost around 1$-10$. However, keys for automobiles can cost a lot more if key fobs or programing of key fobs are included. The price depends on the mobile locksmith and the supply of a local hardware store.

How much does it cost to make a key for a lock without a key?

Keys made without the original key cost around 10-50$. The whole lock has to be taken apart by the local mobile locksmiths.

Can you get a new house key without the original?

Most home improvement stores offer key copying services without the original. You can get house or office keys made near you without the original key.

Can you get keys made for old locks?

Yes, you can make keys for old locks. You can also conveniently replace or get your keys copied as old keys get worn out. For the security of your rental property, get your keys made near you or upgrade the lock from retail stores.

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