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Safes are a must-have nowadays. To protect your valuables, you need a security safe. However, sometimes the safe cost is what prevents you from buying it.

Most people assume that safes cost a ton of money; however, that is not always the case. The price range of a safe depends mostly on the level of security the safe provides or the size of the safe. If the safe is a high-security safe and is on the bigger side, then the price of the safe will be a bit higher. Only you can determine the safe you are looking for.

Suppose you are going to put the things that take up a ton of space and are extremely pricey or are close to your heart. In that case, you should opt for the expensive safes as they can protect your valuables in the best way. However, if the things you put in your safe don't require much space or safety, you can purchase something a bit more budget-friendly.

Your safe store a ton of things for you. It can be a gun safe to protect you from burglars, or it can just be there to store your important documents. Either way, your safety must be secure. So, before you go and purchase a safe without knowing much about the price point, here is a brief idea of safe costs.

Prices Of Safes

The price of a safe depends on many factors. Safes are a form of added security for your valuables. However, the price of a safe can make you reconsider getting a safe which is why we will let you know about the cost of safes beforehand, so it doesn't take you off guard.

Portable Fire Box Safe Cost

A portable fire box safe can cost from $20 to $199. You easily carry it everywhere as it is portable. It doesn't require typical tariff charges either.

Small Fire Protection Safe / Fire Proof Safe Cost

The price of a small fireproof safe starts from $300 and ends at $700. This safe is a bit on the pricier side. It does not require typical tariff charges, which is a good thing.

Small Security Safe Cost

Small safes are usually used for expensive jewelry items. These safes are mostly burglar-proof. The price of these safes is $750 to $1800. The tariff charge for this safe is about $30.

Large Burglary-Rated Safe Cost

The price range of the large burglary-rated safe starts from $1200 to $3000. So, this one is quite expensive. The tariff charge of this safe is about $30 to $80.

 Large High-Security Safes Cost

The cost of these safes is the highest. They are high-end safes. They cost from $2600 to $11000+. Even the tariff charges are high. The tariff charges start from $50 and end at $300.

High Protection Safe

How Much Does A Good Small Safe Cost?

The price of a good small safe solely depends on the quality of the safe. When we say small, we don't exactly mean a safe the size of a matchbox. Small safes are usually the same size as a microwave oven.

These small safes are ideal for jewelry and essential documents that don't take up much space but are important enough to protect them. They can also be used as gun safes. The small safes are specially designed to ensure the safety of your valuables. Some of these safes even come with a biometric lock system.

These small safes can take any attacks on them and have a 30-minute fire rating, which is pretty impressive. The average cost of these safes is about $750 to $1800, which is pretty high; however, the kind of security this type of safe can provide matches no other. That is why the price point of this safe is higher than most.

How Much Does A Good Larger Safe Cost?

The price of a large safe is a lot higher than the price of a small safe. The larger safes take up a lot of space, and their lock type differs from other safes. Most of the time, larger safes are kept against or installed inside the concrete wall.

If you are considering installing a large safe, you should hire a good locksmith and know all the features of these larger safes; otherwise, it might confuse you later on. You also easily store firearms in these safes.

A large good safe is an option for a home safe. However, they are not always affordable, especially if you are looking for a good large safe. Good large home safes answer all your worries regarding your valuables. You can expect to find a good large safe for $1,200 to just over $3,000.

How Much Does A Large High-Security Safe Cost?

man counting money

A large high, security safe is the same size as a mini-fridge. So it will most like take up a significant amount of space in your house; however, the fire ratings of a high-security safe are about 30 minutes which is good and ensures that the safe is manufactured with good quality materials.

The price of a large high-security safe is about $2600 to $11000+. So, it is evident that they are pretty expensive; however, they are worth every penny.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the pricing of a safe:

Are All Safes Expensive?

Answer: No, not all safes are expensive. A few safes are very cost-friendly and provide a proper amount of security.

Do Larger Safes Cost More?

Answer: Larger safes cost a bit more than your regular small safes. However, larger safes do end up being a lot more useful than your normal-sized safes.

Are Expensive Safes More Secure?

Answer: Expensive safes are more secure because they are manufactured using good materials.

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Prices of safes might seem unpredictable, but all you need to know about them have been discussed. Knowing the prices is very important as it can help you decide your budget and give you a good idea. By knowing vastly about the safes, you can understand which safe is the perfect match for you and your house.

The safe you are looking for might be a bit out of your budget; in that case, looking at the other options is also a good idea, as most safes work well in protecting your precious assets. However, if you are buying a safe to keep your firearms, you should be extra careful and opt for a well-built safe to avoid accidents. Even though it can be expensive, it is worth it if it keeps your family safe and avoids accidents.

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