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Kwikset Halo lock's front view and back view
Publish at Mar 01, 2023 By: Isaac Bell
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A great addition to Kwikset's ever reputed locks list is- Kwikset Halo smart lock. Kwikset Halo smart lock supports remote functionality like wi-fi. This smart lock is easy to use and has an easier installation process.

Operating and managing the Kwikset Halo smart lock is easily doable, even from your smartphone. Kwikset app is available both in the google play store and Apple app store. You can monitor and manage the smart lock from anywhere with this app.

Check out the detailed breakdown we made for the Kwikset Halo smart lock below.

Design Of Kwikset Smart Lock Device

Kwikset Halo lock's front view and back view

The Kwikset Halo lock is one of the best designs among all the available electronic locking devices. This Kwikset deadbolt has a sleek finishing, contemporary line, and traditional model variation.

The beautifully designed contemporary line comes in 4 different colors. It has a trending modern finish like Polished Chrome and popular finishes like Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze. Matte Black is another popular choice for modern style lovers.

Some people still prefer the traditional style of the smart door lock. For those, Kwikset has a distinct conventional line of designs. This standard version is keypad styled and more suited to the existing home automation system of the house. The traditional line comes in 2 colors. They are Satin Nickle and Venetian Bronze. The Halo keypad version is slightly less costly than its counterpart touchscreen version.

How To Install And Setup Kwikset Smart Lock Deadbolt

Traditional version of Kwikset Halo locks

A few things to consider while you are about to replace your existing deadbolt and want to install a new advanced electronic deadbolt.

  • If you have a door with a standard width, you won't need to drill extra holes for the Kwikset deadbolt.
  • The bolt of the lock system needs to come out either from the right or the left side. This process depends on the side of the lock installed. Kwikset Halo deadbolt is handled automatically. That means the halo works on either side of the door. When you install the Kwikset Halo lock on the door, it automatically runs some sequences to determine its latch installation side. You won't need to adjust any extra setup to perform the lock and unlock system properly in the Kwikset Halo motor.
  • The Kwikset app automatically connects with the available wi-fi connection. Previous models of the locks needed to have third-party integration to connect with wi-fi. But with Kwikset Halo, users can connect with wi-fi straightforwardly.

User Codes Features In Kwikset Halo Smart Lock

Halo smart lock has customizable user code features.

Manage User Codes And Access Code

  • The Halo lock has a flexible user code support ability. It supports approximately 250 user codes containing 4-8 digits. This is more than enough for anyone.
  • Sometimes confusion arises about whether you have locked the door or not. You can instantly check your house door's lock and unlock state directly from the Kwikset app. You can even change the locking or unlocking state remotely from the app.
  • The access codes to gain home access can be supplied as follows:
  • Anytime Codes

This is best for frequent everyday use. Particularly useful for the house members who come and leave the house at any time.

  • Date Limitation - Great to use in the set range of dates. This is perfect for the people who travel frequently and return after a fixed time.
  • Time And weekday LIMITATIONS - Has the system to use at any time in the predetermined times and dates. This is a great feature for housekeepers and others who come at a certain time of the week.
  • One-time system - This feature gives you access only once in the next 24 hours. Good to give access to contractors or others who only need to go in the house once a day.

Secure Touchscreen

Kwikset app can track, manage, and operate all the locks and unlock of yours

The touchscreen of the Kwikset Halo smart lock is a great addition. It provides an extra layer of security. It prevents the user from someone who is trying to get the user code by guessing the smudge trail on the locks.

The Halo lock touchscreen uses a technology that displays two random numbers to the user first. The full touchscreen will only light up after you press that random digits. I like how this feature gives you a simple but effective layer of security from leaking your access codes to others. This is an advantage of Halo smart lock as other manufacturers still use the smudge technology.

Specific Features Of The Kwikset Halo Smart Lock

One-Touch Lock System

The Halo touchscreen keypad has a button for an instant one-touch lock. This locking system is convenient from the outside.

Alerts For Low Battery

The lock will make a visual flash and beep sound when the battery's charge gets low.

Secure Mode

The smart lock can disable its keypad temporarily to resist potential intruders. Disabling the keypad will give you protection against unwanted entry.

Fire Rating For 20 Minutes

Has a fire rating system of 20 minutes (UL logo).

Code Alarm

If you enter incorrect codes three consecutive times, the lock will make an alarm sound.

Motorized Deadbolt

The deadbolt of the Halo smart lock is motorized.

Tamper Resistant

The interior cover of the lock has a tamper-resistant protector.

Traditional Keyway

Kwikset has its own patented technology to protect any advanced lock-in. It also gives you the authority to re-key the lock within seconds.

Other Features Of Halo Door Lock

Voice Assistant Feature

Checking and locking with Halo lock is easier now. You can lock and unlock by using voice command services now. Halo works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Tracking Of Lock Activities

When you use the Kwikset app by connecting with the wi-fi, it tracks all the activities you're having. The lock activity screen also displays all your activities, including locking and unlocking. It also shows low battery notifications and other alerts.

Get All The Notifications

You will receive all the necessary notifications directly in your app if you have a wi-fi or internet connection on your phone. The wi-fi does not need to be from your home; it can be from anywhere.

Manage Locks In All your Homes

You can manage all the locks from your Kwikset app if you have multiple properties. Just an internet connection or wi-fi connection, and you are good to go.


There were many limited features of the electronic locks system previously. Kwikset Halo smart lock has fine-tuned many of these limitations. It has an easy installation process, controlling ability from a single place, and a sleek outlook.

So, is it the perfect choice? It is a great choice to have a multi-dimensional locking device. It has a wide range of features for the users. It is good quality and can serve you for a long time without needing to look for upgrade models.

If you still have any confusion or need further suggestions, you can contact Armor Locks Co. The Armor Locks Co. has a lot of experience in this field and can give you the best suggestion according to your needs. Contact at 832-481-5030 to get connected with expert professionals of Armor Locks Co. - Houston Locksmith.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Kwikset Halo Work Without Wi-fi?

Ans: If your tenant's property permit approves, you can do this online. If anyone is looking to do this, they have to replace their mechanical lock's components.

How Long Does Kwikset Halo Battery Last?

The Halo smart lock uses a rechargeable AA battery. These types of batteries can last up to six months.

Does Halo Home Work With Alexa?

The Halo locks work with voice command systems. It works with Amazon's voice service, Amazon Alexa, and Google's Google Assistant.

How Do I Change The Battery In My Smart Lock?

First, you need to pull off the cover of the battery. The cover of the batteries can be set in the door by screws. To remove the screws, you need to use a screwdriver. Any screwdriver will do the work.

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