How To Secure Metal Doors Of A Commercial Place

A commercial metal door
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When it is a matter of security for big or small businesses, people should never compromise with door hardware and locks. The doors must be strong enough to prevent break-ins, whether it is your home or your business place.

Unfortunately, in the case of commercial door locks, there is a poor safety system. But you can reinforce them as per your need and improve the security. This article will introduce you to practical ways to secure metal doors.

To secure metal doors, you must choose the best kinds of locks depending on the grading for your doors. Using top-notch commercial door locks is the primary key behind securing a commercial building. Besides this, you have to install door hardware like latch guards, Jam pins to enhance the strength and durability of the door.

This article covers only the ways to reinforce the steel-wrapped exterior commercial door. Besides this, you will also get the idea of securing wood and aluminum storefront doors. You can save your business by securing your commercial door and running a healthy business.

How To Choose The Best Commercial Door Locks

A commercial metal door

You can choose a commercial door lock based on the grading technique. The commercial doors are graded depending on the capability of securing a door. Based on strength, cycle, and material, the American National Institute (ANSI) has graded the locks into three types. These are-

Grade 1

If you want rigidity and longevity in a door lock, the type grade 1 lock is the one. This type of lock is perfect for commercial areas with heavy traffic and crowd. Anyone might break into your office or shop and cause damage if there is no high-security lock. So, it is worth buying a grade 1 lock for the main doors of commercial buildings.

Grade 2

You will not always need a strong and durable lock for your doors. It is unnecessary to use a high-security lock for indoor offices. Also, owners of small businesses can use grade 2 locks to minimize the cost. Moreover, it is safe to use a grade 2 lock in places with low crime rates.

However, in terms of strength and durability, grade 2 cannot beat grade 1. Before buying a lock for your commercial door, you should decide what type of security you want, depending on your shop or office location.

Grade 3

Grade 3 locks are for normal use with low security. These locks are not suitable for a commercial building as they are only for light and low-security purposes. So, if you are looking for a normal door lock for a room that does not require high-end security, go for grade 3. Also, they are comparatively cheaper as they have fewer mechanisms.

Things To Do Before You Change The Door Hardware For Security Upgrade

Who doesn't want the best safety for their business or house? No matter how small your office is, safety is the top priority of every business. Installing a solid door lock will surely save you from sudden break-ins. But there are other essential things to consider before considering changing the door hardware.

Replace The Existing Door

Before you change the door hardware and lock, check whether the door is strong or not. If the door is not strong, there is no point in changing hardware and installing a security system. A door with no rot and rust is considered a strong door. So, if your door is in poor condition, you need to replace the door with a new and strong one.

You must have a door with solid steel, wood, or aluminum. No matter how strong your door locks are, if the handles and hinges of your doors have rust, one can easily access the door. So, it is best to check the door and find out whether it needs a replacement or not.

Choose The Right Type Of Lock

As said before, the locks are of three types based on the grading system. Before installing a lock in your commercial door, you must know what kind of lock will best meet your purpose. Grade 3 locks are mainly for residential low-security applications. So, a residential grade door will not be able to give the durability and rigidity that a commercial building needs.

Therefore, to secure your metal door, you must choose the right-grade door lock with a high-protection mechanism.

The Steps To Secure The Metal Door

If you know the proper steps, it is an easy task to secure the metal doors of your shop or office. You can follow the following steps to upgrade your door-

Install Latch Guards

A latch guard covers the gap between a door and its frame. This gap makes the door weak and is easy to break. So, a latch guard is door hardware that functions to protect the entrance by enhancing its strength. You can select latch guards from any brand, but remember to buy a thick one.

Though brands do not matter when you buy latch guards, you must look at the kind of door lock and the door you have. There are different types of latch guards, so not all are suitable for all sorts of door locks. For example, a commercial door might be designed as a swing-in or swing-out. It can also be designed as a glass or aluminum storefront door. The prices also vary depending on the type of latch guards for specific doors.

Some latch guards also have a security pin that acts as an extra function to protect the door. It helps in preventing the door from separating the frame.

Install A Durable High-Security Lock

The knobs of a commercial door go through rough uses as many people use that door. To secure the knobs of your door, you can install a new cylinder with high security. If you think of the prices, it is a cheaper way of door lock safety.

Reinforce The Door Hinges

A locksmith removing the screws from a door hinge to install jam pins

Installing a more robust hinge is necessary to strengthen the door of your shop or office. Hinges are mainly exposed to the outside area of the door, and one can easily pull out the door by cutting the hinge. So, you can reinforce the door's hinges by installing jam pins. The jam pins prevent the door from opening even if someone cut the hinges.

To install jam pins, you must simply detach a screw from each hinge and put a jam pin in that place. After that, separate the opposite screws and let the pin get into the hole when the door is closed.

Strengthen The Door Frame

Besides focusing on the latch guards and hinges, you must also take care of the door frames. A normal wooden door frame cannot keep the burglars away from break-ins. You must replace the frame with stronger wood or any metal product to reinforce it. There are lesser chances of the door frame twisting or splitting if you use a rigid door frame.


Are our steel doors good for security?

When the question of safety comes to commercial areas, there is no alternative to a steel door. For the entrance of your office or shop, you can easily install steel doors and prevent burglars from breaking in.

What is a commercial-grade door?

The door hardware with grade 1 and grade 2 performs a heavy duty. The commercial-grade door needs grade 1 or grade 2 hardware to protect the shops and offices from unexpected break-ins. It is a must for a commercial building to have a door with certain specifications hardware like ADA compliant and UL listing.


Unfortunately, the commercial doors of many brands lack high security. However, there is nothing to worry about as you can quickly secure metal doors by installing specific door hardware and locks. To strengthen a commercial door, you must focus on the grade locks, hinges, and even the door frames. This article has all the necessary information that will help you to strengthen the metal doors.

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