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A Kwikset smart lock
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The security code of smart locks helps to prevent burglars from breaking into your house and causing damage. A Kwikset smart lock gives high security; no one can access the lock code unless you want them to. You may want to change the access codes of your smart lock for many reasons, like losing your phone, changing the internet, or removing the registered users. Whatever the reason is, to change the lock code, you must reset the Kwikset lock.

There are many reset options for a Kwikset smart lock. You can try the system reset option starting from network reset and factory reset. Before you try resetting the Kwikset lock, you must know what type of reset system does. For example, a factory reset erases all the memory, whereas a system reset removes all the enrolled users.

Kwikset lock is a smart home system that is easy to reset. The Kwikset has many lock versions. But this article's factory, network, and system reset methods are applicable for the electronic keypad, fingerprint, and touchpad versions of Kwikset 99380 and 99390.

The Types Of Kwikset Smart Lock Reset And Their Methods To Reset

A Kwikset smart lock

There are three types of Kwikset Halo reset, and one can easily reset their locks without calling a locksmith. All you need to do is follow the steps carefully without skipping any steps.

Network Reset

You can network reset a Kwikset halo smart lock if you do not want to remove the existing access codes and the lock settings. However, it will remove the Wifi settings, user associations, and Bluetooth pairings. Also, it deletes the lock from all the other accounts you associated with the smart lock.

The network reset will not change the existing lock, so you can continue using the same code even after you change your house. Also, it is best to network reset your Kwikset smart locks after changing the internet service providers. Besides this, changing your phone will also make you want to reset the smart lock through a network reset.

The Ways To perform Network Reset.

The reset process of network reset is easy, and you need to follow some simple steps.

Here are the steps to confirm the network reset of your Kwikset smart lock.

  • Carefully remove the cover of the interior side of the lock by moving it up. Sometimes, the cover is attached with two side screws. In such a case, you must remove the screws before sliding up the cover.
  • After you slide up the cover, you will find an "A" programmable button. You have to press the button and hold it for 10 seconds. After holding the button for 3 seconds, the lock will make a short beep, and you will notice a blue LED. Do not stop holding the button until you hear another short beep. Within 10 seconds of holding the button, the lock will beep again, and the blue LED will change its color to amber.
  • You can release the button after your complete holding it for 10 seconds. After releasing it, the Kwikset smart lock will make the amber light blink to let the user know it is in reset mode.
  • There is a program button that you need to press within 10 seconds after you release the "A" button. After you press the program button, the smart lock will confirm the network reset, or the reset function will time out.

The lock will make a long beep and show a Green LED to let the user know that the Kwikset reset worked. However, if the reset does not work, it will make five short beeps and blink red light. In such a case, you have to repeat the process from the beginning.

Factory Reset

A symbol of factory reset

If you want to delete all the settings and memories of your Kwikset smart lock, a factory reset is the only option. Suppose you have moved into a new home and want to reset Kwikset main code, then you must try the factory reset. Also, factory reset helps when you bought a lock and have trouble setting it up.

The WAys To perform A factory reset.

Following a few steps, you can easily factory reset the Kwikset Halo Smart Lock.

  • Extend the latch bolt by opening the door.
  • Slide up the cover of the interior side and if there are any screws, remove the screws before sliding up the cover.
  • Pull up the battery pack to detach it from the lock.
  • After you remove the battery pack, you have to insert it back. Press the program button and hold it while you reinsert the battery pack. Hold the button for 30 seconds and wait until you hear the beeping sound and the status led light flashes red.
  • Press the program button one more time and then release it.

The Kwikset smart lock will show green light on its LED screen to indicate the successful factory reset. Otherwise, the red light will appear, and you need to start the process again from step 1.

System Reset

You need to perform a system reset if you want to reset Kwikset key lock code. It will remove all the access codes of the enrolled users and the lock settings. If you think that someone else has seen your Kwikset lock code, performing a system reset will be the best solution.

The Ways To perform a System reset.

The methods of performing a system reset are the easiest and less time-consuming.

Here are the steps to perform a system reset-

  • Slide up the cover of the interior side, and if the cover has two side screws, detach them before you slide up the cover.
  • After you slide up the cover, you will find the Kwikset lock button "A." Press that button ten times and wait until the lock beeps and the LED light starts blinking after turning into amber.
  • Press the program button and release it to confirm the system reset Kwikset lock code. You must press the program button within 10 seconds after you release the "A" lock button of the smart lock. Otherwise, the system reset function will not be successful.

After completing all the steps, it is time to check if the Kwikset smart lock has system reset successfully. The Kwikset halo smart lock will flash green to let the user know that the reset mode has begun. Or else this smart home security system will turn the LED red by beeping five times.


What is the master code for Kwikset lock?

The default standard master code for Kwikset smart lock is 0-0-0-0. This code is set on the lock by default, and you can change the access code yourself.

How do I reset the Kwikset key code?

To reset the Kwikset key lock code, press the program button and enter your existing user code. After that, press the Kwikset lock button. In the second step, press the program button again, and you must press it twice. Then enter your new code and again press the LOCK button. Check whether the code has changed or not. If it does not, the lock will need a hard reset.

How do I change the code on my Kwikset lock 909?

Keeping the door open, press the program button from the interior part of the door. Then enter the lock code you want to use as an access code. Remember the lock code must be within 4-8 digits. After entering the digits, press the LOCK button on your keypad at the center of the Kwikset smart lock.


Do not panic if your Kwikset halo smart lock stops functioning because you can quickly fix the problem by resetting the device. You can easily reset the Kwikset lock through three reset systems. You must choose whether your device needs a factory, system, or network reset. Choose your reset type wisely, as some reset process deletes all the memories, including the access code, and returns to the initial setting.

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