The Steps On How To Become A Locksmith

A professional locksmith unlocking a car door
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Having a licensed locksmith job is a matter of pride as one gets to service people in their emergency locksmith needs. Locksmiths offer personal security to people and also a life rescuer. They are no less than firefighters because they try to reach your service as soon as they get a call from you. If a locksmith job has amazed you and wants to know how to become a locksmith, this article is for you.

It is a must to acquire the necessary skills to become a locksmith. It would help if you got training to learn your locksmiths' skills. To apply for a job in a locksmith company, you will need a license and pass a criminal background check. Also, to gain more skills, you must work as an apprentice for a few years. However, these are the basic requirements. Besides these, other requirements vary from state to state.

The Main Job Of A Locksmith

A professional locksmith unlocking a car door

Before starting your locksmith training, you should know this profession. Any vague idea about your career can lead you on the wrong path. To begin with, locksmiths do the repairing and replacing job house and car doors. From unlocking a door without a key to lock picking, key duplication, and fixing the locks of a door, a locksmith would know everything.

The job of a locksmith is very sensitive because if anything goes wrong, it will question the security of the customer. As a locksmith, you must also deal with the security industry. Even the private security bureau of the states requires locksmiths to work in their sector. Besides this, locksmiths must be punctual and ready to work anytime.

Locksmith License

It is vital to get a locksmith license before you start applying for a locksmith job. There are many cases where people keep applying for a job but get rejected all the time. Have you wondered why this thing happens? One of the main reasons is applying to a locksmith company without a locksmith license.

To get your locksmith license, you can start training with the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). Every state follows different requirements for hiring locksmiths, so here you will know the conditions of your state. Not all states require a locksmith license. However, the regulatory services division and most states want their locksmiths to be trained and licensed.

For example, it is a texas administrative code to hire texas locksmiths with a license. Other than the texas department, some other departments and states require a locksmith license. The states that look for a licensed locksmith are California, Maryland, Alabama, New Jersey, Oregon, Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Illinois, and Connecticut.

Pass Criminal Background Check

Besides a licensed locksmith, many locksmith companies want to hire a criminal background-free employee. It is a rule for many companies to run a drug test on the candidates. It is a matter of public safety, so the companies run criminal background checks on their candidates. Hence, if you are interested in becoming a registered locksmith, ensure you are responsible enough to continue the locksmith profession.

Remember that a few convictions can ruin your dream of becoming a locksmith. So, be careful with your federal background check.

The Steps Of Becoming A Locksmith

Locksmiths fixing a door lock

Your path to becoming a locksmith is not that hard. You have to follow all the steps without skipping anything. Whether you want to become a certified automotive or residential locksmith, you must complete the locksmith courses.

Your lack of care might cause severe damage to customers, so be careful and do not skip any of the steps.

Completing A Training Program

Locksmith training is the first and foremost step a locksmith must go through. Always try to get training from state-approved training programs. Suppose you do not have a high school diploma. In that case, you can still become a locksmith by continuing education courses in a locksmith training program.

There are some formal training options that you can choose to start your locksmith trade.

  • Locksmith Course Via Mail: If you are looking for an affordable locksmith training option, you can learn through the mail. In this training option, the whole training is directed or supervised via mail. The training videos are mailed to the trainees, who mail back their tasks to be graded. This training course has the most negligible value in the market as you will gain no practical knowledge.
  • Physical Training Classes Of Locksmiths: Maximum companies believe in practical knowledge. So this training course will provide you with training in a classroom with professional locksmith tools and equipment. Taking classes from the Associated Locksmiths of America is best, as they provide certificates after you complete the training.
  • Locksmith Training In A Lock Shop: With this training course, you will be able to experience a locksmith environment while training. It is like a job training system as you will face reality. You learn about lock installation, key-blank identification, repairing doors, key-impressioning, safe installation of locks, and much more on-the-job training. Here, the trainee deals with real customers and keeps stepping toward becoming a certified master safe tech.

The locksmiths are the physical security consultant of the residents of a locality. They also deal with mechanical security devices. So, besides training, you must complete continuing education units to become a locksmith.

You can only be an expert in basic master keying by taking locksmith courses. Hence you need to level up your experience to become more than a locksmith apprentice.

Become A Locksmith Trainee Of A Local Shop

You can work as an apprentice in a local shop to enhance your skill. You will get the opportunity to learn from professional locksmiths. The apprentices learn how to deal with high-level security systems as entry-level locksmiths. Remember to work as an apprentice under a licensed locksmith to get the most comprehensive training.

Get Your License

To become a locksmith, you must work with your license. To get a license, you must pass tests that will inspect your qualification and locksmith skills. You will get a license only if you can pass the test with a satisfactory score. A license will allow you to work on commercial, automotive, and residential locks.

You can take your certification exams offered by the ALOA as they offer designations to those who pass the test. They also take the qualified managers exam to certify a qualified manager. You can get your license as a Certified Automotive locksmith, Registered Locksmith, and Certified Master Safe Tech.

Get A Job In A Locksmith Company

Before you start working independently and apply for a business license, work under a locksmith company to enhance your skill. Choose companies that maintain general liability insurance. Also, you must choose a company that maintains mechanical security devices.

It is essential to build a good reputation in this profession. So, working under a locksmith company will allow you to learn to deal with administrative tasks and improve your skill. Hence, you can build your reputation through your years of experience in a locksmith company.


Is Locksmith a good career?

Locksmith is one of the best career options for those who like practical work. This job requires people who want to work both physically and mentally. If you are an expert in solving puzzles and desire to work with a creative sense, you will enjoy being a locksmith.

Do locksmiths need qualifications?

There is no specific educational qualification like a diploma for becoming a locksmith. You can become a locksmith by completing some training courses. These training courses will teach you skills and make you a qualified locksmith. Besides this, you may need to pass exams to get a license if it meets your state's requirements.

Is locksmithing hard to learn?

Learning locksmithing is not a big deal if you are interested in solving lock and key problems. You will get to learn everything in your training courses. Moreover, after you receive professional training, the job will become easier.


The locksmith jobs are crucial as they deal with the people's security. Whether locked in a car or a house, you cannot get out without a locksmith's help. Even the security of a locality is in the hands of locksmiths. So, it is essential to follow all the steps diligently to become a locksmith. This article explains the exact method of how to become a locksmith.

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