How Much Does A Panic Bar Installation Cost?

Panic Bar being used
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Are you looking to install a panic bar But worried about the cost? Installing panic bars is not that simple. For panic bar installation, specific steps must be taken, and specific costs come into play.

Panic bars are also known as crash bars or push bars. Panic bars are mainly used in the emergency exit door in different offices just in case someone is unfamiliar with the exit devices in the commercial building. These bars are usually placed on the inside of outward opening doors. Panic bars can be very useful in emergencies.

Even without emergencies, the crash bar can be helpful in other situations, which is why most offices always opt for panic bars. The process of installing a panic bar is incredibly costly as it requires a locksmith along with the costs of buying the panic bar. However, certain panic bars do not cost as much. Let's talk about how much a panic bar installation can cost.

How Panic Bars Work

A Panic exit bar comes in different types. To be specific, there are three types of panic bars. They are Rim bars, Mortise, and vertical rods. Each type of panic bar goes with a door frame of specific construction. So, if you want to install a panic bar, the first thing that needs to be done is to figure out which type of panic bar is the perfect fit for your door.

There are many different styles of panic bars as well. A Touch Bar is mostly seen on doors these days. It comes with a flush attached to the door and a feature pad that, when pushed, will help open the door by operating the latch. A crossbar works after pressing down on it as it is a horizontal bar. The integral devices are the same as the touch bar; however, they do not stick out as much.

So, the part of the installation comes after figuring out which panic bar is the best for your door. The installation process is vastly different for each type of panic bar, but that is where your professional locksmith comes in.

Costs Of Installing A Panic Bar

Panic Bar being used

The cost of installing a panic bar is something most people worry about, which is why today we are going to provide information regarding it:

Rim Exit Devices / Panic Bar Installation

Rim devices are the most budget-friendly among the three types of exit bars. Almost everyone can afford it. This push bar is installed on the interior surface of the doors with an outward opening. Along with that comes a latch that is mounted to the door frame. These rim devices don't require too much work while being installed.

To install a rim panic bar, you must drill two holes on the door and for both sides of the device, then screw the device into place.

The cost of the rim exit device and installing it is 500 USD if you get it installed by a professionally licensed locksmith. Overall this is cheaper considering the number of benefits you can achieve from installing a panic bar. While purchasing the panic bar, purchase a commercial grade 2 panic bar.

Mortise Exit Device Installation

Mortise lock devices are more expensive than your regular rim devices. These panic bars are largely used in commercial buildings as they are much more secure than rim panic bars and can not be tampered with. Mortise exit devices have a door lock, making them impossible to tamper with.

The mortise panic bar is the same as the rim panic bar while installing, so installing it won't be a hassle. However, some of the parts are considerably more durable and a lot more complex, which is why the parts are a bit pricier.

A locksmith can buy the panic hardware on your behalf as they have more knowledge. Hiring a locksmith to install panic bars on your emergency exit doors is a good idea because it helps keep your business safe.

The average price of a grade one mortise exit device price is about $650. If you hire a professional locksmith, it will cost about $150 to get it installed. It is a bit expensive; however, it will work well and provide you with the security you need!

Vertical Rod Exit Device Installation

Vertical rod exit devices are used on double doors. These doors don't have a central bar between them. These vertical rod exit devices are on the pricier side, and professional locksmiths should only install them; otherwise, they will not work. Vertical rod devices are placed on both sides of a double door.

These vertical rods are mainly used for one door; however, they can be used for both doors or one side of the door along with the other door with the help of a mortise lock exit device latched on to the door that comes first.

Vertical rod panic bars are both surface-mounted and more concealed-mount styles. It is much more expensive, and even locksmiths find installing them difficult. These vertical rod devices are extremely pricy in terms of getting them changed, repaired, or installed. Even though each part of the device costs a lot, they do pass the inspection of building safety and abide by local building codes. This panic device is one of the best ones on the market.

The price of just the vertical rod is about $500 combined with the installation charge; it can cost up $850 without considering any exit trims. Exit trims can cost up $100, which means the total cost would be close to $1000 for just a panic bar.

Even though the price range is exceptionally high for this panic bar, the safety it provides is also admirable. It also abides by the life safety code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the cost of getting a panic bar installed:

Panic Bar

Is Adding A Panic Bar To A Glass Door More Expensive?

Answer: Adding a panic bar on a glass door is a bit pricier.

Do All Panic Bars Cost The Same?

Answer: No, not all panic bars cost the same. The price of a panic bar can go high or low depending on the kind of services it provides.

Why Are Rim Exit Devices Cheaper?

Answer: Rim exit devices are cheaper because the material it's made with is not as good as the others. It can easily be tampered with, and the cost of installing it is much lower.

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Simply put, the cost of panic bar installation can be a bit on the high side; however, it provides a ton of ease while working. In case of emergencies, it can be a real lifesaver. So, getting a panic bar installed is not a bad idea at all.

However, you have to be sure that you are getting it installed by expert locksmiths; otherwise, it will cost you even more as local locksmiths might end up ruining the panic bar. So, before you hire a locksmith, be sure they are experts who can work with panic bars.

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