How Much Does A Key Card Access Systems Cost?

A woman using key card on an access control system
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It is natural to think about the cost range of the access control system as they do not come at a reasonable price. Always trust access control systems to upgrade your home or office security. Despite many benefits, people always worry about the cost of key card access systems. Now, before installing access control, if you know the price range, you can choose the perfect type of access control per your budget and requirement.

If you own a small business, you need to spend around $500 to install an access control system to your office. The price range will increase with the additional people accessing the door. If you have a large-scale commercial business and have employees over 300, the cost will reach up to $5000-$12000. Besides this, the average price of a 1-2 door wired access control system will be around $1000-$2000 per door. The expense increases with the monthly service fees.

The price range varies depending on the door access control system you want for your office. Starting from the key card access system, you can choose a keyfob system or an access control system. The pricing of these systems depends on the access control hardware and software needs you require. For example, in the case of a key card access system, the pricing depends on the number of key cards you want to issue.

Where You Can Use And See An Access Control System

A woman using key card on an access control system

As the door access control systems are expensive, you will not see them often in your neighborhood. But suppose you are in a commercial area where the offices need high-end security. In that case, you can see various types of access control systems there. Places like storage units of a marketplace, garage areas, and office entrances have access control systems.

Moreover, you can see an access control system in a place like apartment complexes for an integrated security system. The government institutions and the hospitals also use access control systems in certain areas that restrict access to the general people. People use a key fob, card, or biometric to enter those areas.

Types Of Door Access Control Systems And Their Costs

Before you dig into the price of the access control system, you should know how many types of access control systems are there. The access control systems are mainly divided into three categories. These are-

Traditional Wired System

It is one of the most expensive access control systems, needing various electrical components and wiring. The cost depends on how many doors you use for access control solutions. Also, the installation process is critical, and you will need a locksmith to install this. So, the labor cost also gets added to the total price.

The traditional wired system connects with a software program, so the door opens after you run a code, card, or key fob. Besides this, the whole system has a power supply and a controller that signals the door to unlock after you run a card or enter codes.

As it is an expensive access control system, you will not see this in a residential area. The traditional wired system is suitable for a commercial building where you have numerous doors to access. You can install a traditional wired system if you want to control all the doors from one location, like a phone or computer. They are mainly suitable for big business that needs high-end security.

Standalone Access Control Systems

If you are looking for an access control system at an affordable price range between $400-$1500, go for a standalone access control system. The price is lower than the wired system as fewer components exist. You can say by the name standalone that everything you need is in a single device.

The installation process of this system is not critical though it is a commercial grade 1 lock. You can use each separately through different access points. You can use and access the program individually with a card lock, FOB, or codes.

It is wise not to wise standalone systems for big business as it is only beneficial when there are fewer doors. It cannot meet a company's demand with multiple doors and users. Also, as each lock is separately programmed and not controlled from a central location, it is tough to control numerous doors.

The price range is higher than a standalone system, and the price depends on the type of the lock system, either local city codes or a mag lock.

Wired Keyless System For 1-2 Door

The wired keyless system combines the above two systems as it is suitable for a single door and has many components. The single-door use goes with the standalone system, and multiple comments working together go with the traditional wired system. Generally, you will not see many components working together in a single door lock.

The Additional Cost Of Different Types Of Access Control Systems

The access control system cost depends on many factors as they have different features. For example, the cost of smartphone access control will not be the same as the key card or fob system because of their distinctive features.

Smartphone Access Control Systems Cost

The cost per door for smartphone access control systems goes around $600-$1200. The cost mainly depends on various smartphone companies. You can connect the access system with the smartphone by pairing it with Bluetooth.

Within the 30 feet location, you can use your smartphone to open the access system. However, the system will not work if the smartphone goes out of the range. You must download an app to make it work for a smartphone access control system.

Cost Of Key Fob System

A key fob access control system

The cost per door for the key fob systems is around $1500-$1600. With the help of radio waves, it stores data and exchanges the data with the reader. The additional charges of a key fob system depend on the number of employees you have in your company. Key Fobs' price range ranges from $5 to $11 per employee.

Cost Of Intercom Access Control Systems

The total purchasing and installation of an intercom access control system cost around $450-$10,000. Here, the price variation depends on the quality of the video and other additional functions. In this access control system, a buzzer lets the owner know someone is outside the building. The owner can open the door by staying inside and allowing the other person to enter.

Cost Of Biometric Access Control System

A biometric access control system costs an additional $2500-$10,000 per door. Besides electronic locking hardware, you will require a biometric scanner and computer hardware and software with an internet connection.

Cost Of Key Card Access Control Systems

The key card entry systems usually cost $1500-$2500 per door, including the reader. That means it counts the cost of the number of employees access. Typically the price per key card is around $3 to $5. Including all these, there is an additional cost of approximately $10-$100 for monthly service fees.

How Does Access Control Systems work

To open an access control system, you will need any of the three main components. These are-

  • A security card
  • Biometric reader
  • An electronic key card

The security card is mainly an electronic or magnetic card that enables the door to unlock. The access control system reads the card codes and sends signals to the door. After getting the signal, the door gets unlocked. After you enter the place, the doors automatically lock and will not open until someone inserts or runs a card.

A biometric reader uses a person's fingerprint to unlock the door. It is an easy-gain access system as you will not require any key card or fob to access through the doors. The door will open after it receives your fingerprint.


An access control system is a powerful tool for remote management of a security professional to prevent the outside from breaking into the office. The cost depends on different factors, but to speak of an average cost, you can buy one with the price range of $1200-$2500 per door. The key card access systems cost will increase or decrease depending on the number of doors and employees that will access the system.

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