How Much Do Locksmiths Cost?

Locksmith repairing door lock
Publish at Jul 24, 2022 By: Isaac Bell
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Hiring a professional locksmith can range anywhere from $75 to as much as $800, depending on your situation and demand.

If you are locked out of your business place or home, to gain back access, you need to find yourself a reputable locksmith company. With that surely comes a hefty price tag. However, gaining access via a professional locksmiths company such as Armor Locks Co. - Locksmith in Houston is more necessary regardless of expenses.

How much a locksmith at Armor Locks makes varies based on whether they are being tipped or not by the customer. This article discusses the possible locksmith charges to expect in such cases and what to expect in terms of locksmith prices to get better and efficient output from them.

Expenses For Locksmith Services

Locksmith repairing door lock

Expenses for locksmith services tend to vary based on your location, the service you are getting, and the company you are getting it from. For instance, getting emergency services from Armor Locks beyond working hours for service calls will cost you about $80-$100 for any lock system.

Rekeying your car lock by any locksmith costs you as little as $0 and spikes up to almost $80 based on the type of car and lock you have on. The lock, the key type, and their built quality vary depending on whether it is for car or door locks. This is why rekey is about $30-$90 while the locksmith's cost to change the locks is about $60-$150. The cost to change your front door locks is much higher, charging about $159-175.

Locksmith Services

Services from a locksmith can vary in terms of price depending on what they are working on since they have a wide range of services to offer. Whether to rekey your car, home, or business place locks or replace locks, prices can vary depending on the task and location.

Hence, some of the most common services for a locksmith, along with their prices, are mentioned below -

Locksmith Service Call

Hiring a locksmith for a service call at your place to either replace or rekey your door locks or any other basic work would cost a little more than it would if you were to get it done at their workshop.

Not all locksmiths charge the same, which is why Armor Locksmith has made it their goal to provide their services at a reasonable price. Whether an electronic lock or a high-security lock, Armor Lock has covered you at an average cost.

Locksmith Service For Car Door

Armor Locksmith's services for cars and car door locks are also impeccable and top-notch. We provide services even if you require roadside assistance and help you resolve your situation as quickly as possible.

However, additional trip fees are at an average hourly rate to provide emergency visit assistance beyond standard working hours.

Car Door Locks

If you are locked out of your car or need changing locks, our locksmiths provide a wide range of automotive services to help you out of the situation. As a local locksmith company, we ensure that our services for your vehicle are within average cost while providing our services with high-tech systems.

At Armor Locks, we can easily unlock cars, whether it is because you lost access to your vehicle or because the police asked us. We can also work with a car's immobilizer memory when asked to. However, to do that, we require valid reasons and check the authenticity of your claims.

Car Rekeying

Suppose you need your old locks changed or need to rekey your car key. In that case, our team of professional automotive locksmiths will use an electronic system to rekey your car lock. Even if you lost your keys, a locksmith would be able to rekey your locks, whether it is by prying open the lock or by using any high-tech system.

Even by figuring out the layout of the lock, they can help you rekey your car locks at a very good price.

To Rekey Locks

Locksmith fixing the door lock

Whether it is for your previous car key, new car key, a transponder key, or any other lock and key for your home, the pricing will always vary based on your need. That being said, the cost to rekey is much lower than getting your locks changed by our locksmith from Armor Lock.

Professional Locksmith Services

Locksmith prices are known to vary quite a lot. However, you may have to pay a little more for professional and emergency locksmith services. This is because of their experience and precise results. A professional company may offer a wider range of services, including key extraction. But the prices for how much a locksmith still depend on the service they offer and their background experience.

Change Locks

Changing any lock and renewing the system can be time-consuming, depending on your type of lock. Even in cases of lost keys, we can easily change you due to our wide range of experience. We will provide you with a new key and lock that is suitable for your need.

However, the final price depends on the locksmith prices, or if you hire a locksmith from a well-known company, you may have to pay a little more.

Types Of Locks

There are several different types of locks that our Armor Locksmith works with. Depending on the type of lock and the location, locksmith costs may vary quite a lot. The charges also add if you get any spare key from us to go with your lock.

Some common locks that our locksmith and associated locksmiths work with are as mentioned below -

Electronic Lock

Electronic locks are at an all-time high and very much in trend due to their higher-level security. Most people opt for an electronic or digital lock to replace their old key and lock. These locks are versatile and highly secure as you get to specifically register your fingerprints or PIN codes that only you can access. You can also connect a digital lock to your phone and be updated about everything happening.

Deadbolt Lock

Many locksmiths prefer deadbolt locks for both your front and exterior door. This is because these locks are much thicker and more advanced in terms of security to keep your valuables safe and secure. Installing a deadbolt is more time-consuming than others as it is more complicated and requires patience to install it without causing any damage to it carefully.

House Locks

For front door locks, most people choose electronic locks or keypad locks to ensure maximum security for your home. Armor Locks ensure high-quality service by installing locks on your door to protect both the door and the locks from any damage. Hiring a locksmith to change locks on your exterior doors, you also need to get something that ensures maximum security for your home.

Exterior Locks

To protect your family member, business place, or valuable items, ensure you know all the safety tips that come with your locks. Choose a strong, thick lock that can not be picked on or tampered with for exterior doors. Suppose any locksmith's license is valid and has experience working in this field. In that case, they will easily be able to install and suggest an appropriate lock for your exterior doors.

Front Door Locks

Most locksmiths only choose to work with a specific type of house key or locks. However, at Armor Locksmith, we choose to work with all types of house keys and install any new lock as per your choice at a reasonable price. When you hire a locksmith for a house lock who knows what they are doing, you should also be able to suggest to you what type of lock you need and which is suitable for your neighborhood.

Final Words

The locksmith cost can vary depending on locksmith companies and how many locks they are working with. That being said, Armor Locksmith has worked with multiple locksmiths to gather their experience and knowledge in their field of work.

With the extensive knowledge and experience, one might wonder how much does a locksmith cost? To answer that, we make sure our customers can save money and pay the exact price they are getting the work done. We also try to keep our prices within the typical range and keep it affordable. Therefore, please don't wait and call us at 832-481-5030 to get the best locksmith services at the cheapest cost.

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