How Do Locksmiths Verify Ownership?

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When calling for help due to door locks problems or for any locksmith services, ownership of the item needs to be verified. Without any confirmation that you have ownership of the object or item, there is nothing that locksmiths can do to help you out. If you don't have any documents verifying ownership, then locksmiths will ask you to get the person with the ownership. Otherwise, they won't touch the item.

Calling for professional services and not getting help can be infuriating; however, without verification, it is against the law for any locksmith to open or even try to fix the problem. It is a safety concern as the object might belong to someone else, and handling it without their consent is not legal. Most locksmith companies follow this policy as verifying ownership of an item is crucial.

Sometimes, accidentally closing your house door becomes a headache for you because it was locked from the inside, and you left the keys in there as well. Or sometimes, you might lose the keys to one of your higher security locks and don't have a spare key. Even in such situations, locksmiths require people to provide a proper ID verification.

''How do locksmiths verify ownership?'' is a popular question, and the answer is given below.

How Does A Professional Locksmith Verify Ownership?

Verifying Documents

Before calling a professional locksmith service, it is crucial to have all the documents supporting the fact that the object you require the service with belongs to you. Without these documents, most locksmiths won't be able to help you out with the services you require.

Suppose you kept the key inside your house and then locked the door. In that case, a locksmith will only open your locked door if you can prove that the house belongs to you with the help of documents.

Here is a list of documents that can verify ownership to a locksmith:

Businesses/ Residential Estate

Driver's License

Your driver's license has the location of your house, which is crucial when you have to prove to a locksmith that the house door you are trying to unlock does belong to you. So, by showing the locksmith your driver's license, you can provide proper verification regarding ownership.

mail addressed to you at the property with a photo ID

A photo ID is essential when getting service from any identification process. So, always keeping a Photo ID with you is a really good idea. Along with the photo ID, a mail addressed specifically to you is also important as the mail contains the address of the house or business.

Company records

Showing company records such as the company website or business card can help you avoid unwanted situations. The company website and the business cards will contain the street address and the listed owner. So, having these will be enough proof.

Copy of lease

If you are not the owner but did rent the property, and now you can't get the front door lock opened, then a copy of the lease can help you out a lot. If you show the experienced locksmith a copy of the lease, then the locksmith can open the door for you without your house keys.

County property records

Another good way to verify ownership is by asking the locksmith to check the county property records, as they will have your name and address. You won't even require a key code for this.

Closing statement of the house

Suppose you just bought a new house. But you do not have the keys to it yet; however, you managed to lock yourself outside. During a situation like this, the locksmith won't do anything to the working lock; however, he will make you a new key if you can show them the closing statement. Locksmiths specialize in cases like this, so they will know exactly how to deal with it.


When it comes to a car or bike, the case is completely different. The locksmith working will ask for a proper ID, in which case you will have to show your driver's license, proof of insurance, and a photo. Without these, the locksmith won't believe the vehicle belongs to you. Without proper authorization, he won't touch your vehicle because Breaking into vehicles has become a crime police deal with daily.


Safes are completely different as there is no proof of purchase in this case. However, most safes reside in the house, which is a big advantage. If you can't find the keys to the safe, then if you call a locksmith, you can easily verify ownership by showing them documents of the house, your driver's license, and your photo ID.

If the safe is in a bank, then a few different things are important to gain access to the safe. You will require official documents signed by the owner or the owner's death certificate, and if you are the next to kin, then and only then will the safe be unlocked for you. If you fail to show any of the necessary documents, then you will not get access to the safe.

Invalid Proofs Of Ownerships

Not all sorts of proof of ownership are valid. Sometimes people get confused, show the wrong type of proof, and demand that the locksmith help them out. In most cases, this doesn't work out. So, here are things that are considered invalid proofs of ownership:

Phone authorization is not valid proof as it is easy to impersonate another person. Email authorizations don't work either. So, trying either of these methods will not work.

Do Locksmiths Have to Verify Ownership Before Letting You In?

In most states, locksmiths don't have to verify ownership before letting you enter the house or business premises. However, it is important to do so as crime rates have increased and people use all sorts of scams to earn money, and breaking into someone else's property is a big scam. It is incredibly dangerous to let someone walk into a business or property without proper verification, as letting the wrong person in can lead to dangerous situations, horrifying crimes, and important, secret documents getting stolen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding how locksmiths verify ownership:

Locksmith Working

Is It Mandatory To Verify Ownership?

Answer: No, it is not mandatory by law for locksmiths to verify ownership. However, most locksmith services try to make it mandatory as it eliminates many risks.

Why Is Verifying Ownership Important?

Answer: Verifying ownership is important because it ensures that the wrong people are not gaining access to places they have no ownership over.

Can A Picture Of A Photo ID Be Used As Verification?

Answer: No, a picture of a photo ID can not be used for verification of any sort.

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''How Do locksmiths verify ownership?'' has been a question that baffles almost everyone. However, locksmiths verifying ownership is a simple process that can be done in a matter of seconds, and it plays a huge role in providing safety. Locksmiths usually do take this extra step to avoid mishaps, and this step needs to be taken; otherwise, the crime rates will drastically increase. So, this step is incredibly important for the safety of the home/ business owners.

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