Different Types Of Double Door Cabinet Lock For Both Home And Commercial Purposes

An electronic lock
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Are you finding a way to lock your double door cabinet? A double-door cabinet lock is the same as a single cabinet door. You can lock double and single cabinet doors with the same locks. There are different categories of cabinet locks that you can use on a double-door cabinet. The article explains what type of cabinet locks suit double door cabinets.

You can use locks with a magnetic key, cam locks, plunger locks, electronic locks, and showcase locks. All these locks are an excellent convenience for double cabinet doors. You can easily lock and unlock the doors by using these locks and relax without worrying about safety. Now the question is, which one is the best lock for a double door cabinet? All of them are the best, but you must choose one based on your situation.

For example, installing a magnetic lock will be the best thing to do if you have a kid in your house. Again, buying electronic locks will be the best option if you want your locks to be hidden so that other people cannot see them. So, you can choose any of the locks, but you should no what kind of benefits you are looking for from the locks.

Types Of Double Door Cabinet Locks And Their Purpose

As said before, many locks are used on a double-door cabinet. Each lock serves a different purpose. You have to choose depending on your needs. If you are not sure which type of lock you want to buy, then do not worry. This article will tell you what kind of locks are used for which purpose. After reading the whole article, hopefully, you can choose your options.

Keyless Cabinet Lock

If you are looking for a keyless cabinet lock, cam and electronic locks are two options you can choose. Both locks do not require a key, so you do not have to worry about losing the key. You have to run the codes or the password to open such types of locks. These types of locks can be used on the liquor cabinets also.

Cam Locks

Cam locks are those types of keyless cabinet locks suitable for home applications. So, if you are looking for a keyless cabinet lock for your house door cabinet security, cam locks are the ones that you need. Also, it comes at a reasonable price, so it is a cheaper option among the keyless locks.

In the case of a cam lock, you have to install a door latch on the inner side of the cabinet door so that the cam can hasp the door. If you want to stay relaxed and unbothered about the key, the cam lock is the one you should go for. It is just a code that will get you rid of all the hassles.

There is additional information you need to remember before installing a cam lock. If there is no verticle bar between the double cabinet door and you want a single lock, then-

  • Choose any one door to be the fixed side of the cabinet.
  • You can also use a particular locking device that will allow the cam lock to lock and unlock the doors automatically.

Electronic Locks

An electronic lock

If you are searching for a keyless cabinet lock for school and commercial use, buy an electronic cabinet lock. Please do not go for the electronic cam lock for commercial purposes as they are not strong enough for heavy use.

Hidden Cabinet Door Lock

The pin pad and the magnetic locks fall under the hidden cabinet door locks. You will not be able to see them from the outer part of the cabinet. Also, the most important benefit you will get from a hidden door lock is the no large holes system. You do not have to make large holes in your cabinet doors to install the lock.

A pin pad lock

The Pin Pad Lock

It is a type of lock used for a multi-drawer facility as it can control more than one lock at a time. A pin pad lock is mainly used in medical offices so the worker can open all the doors and drawers with a single code or password.

While using a pin-pad lock, it would be best if you could manage an optional power supply. Usually, this type of lock is battery-powered. Once the battery dies, changing the batteries as they are installed inside is a hassle.

Magnetic Key Locks

As said before, if you are looking for a children's safe lock for your double door cabinet, a magnetic lock is the one. They are one of the most affordable locks as they are made of plastics. They are specially designed for children and not for high-security purposes. You do not have to drill your cabinet doors to install a magnetic lock; they are quick to install.

You can also maintain the beauty and elegance of your cabinet doors as the magnetic locks remain hidden. Instead of using them for high-security cabinet doors, you can use them on double cabinet doors in the kitchen. It will prevent your children from getting in contact with dangerous kitchen appliances.

Children cannot open a magnetic door as a strong magnet clasp the door. The latch of the door gets retracted by the magnet and lets the doors open freely. You can find them in any hardware shop.

Plunger Lock

A plunger lock is suitable for the double sliding cabinet doors. Primarily they are a great help when you have wooden sliding cabinet doors. The plunger rod slides in the same distance and keeps the door locked until a key is used to open it.

Showcase Cabinet Lock

If you are looking for a lock to lock your double-door glass cabinet, you can choose showcase locks. These locks are designed for glass doors as they do not create any pressure on the glass while unlocking.


What is the lock on a double door called?

The latch is used to keep the doors close, whether a single or a double door cabinet. You can install a latch either inside or outside part of the door. You can use cabinet locks like a magnetic key lock, plunger lock, or cam lock to make the double cabinet doors open and close.

How does a double door lock work?

The double door lock works from the inner and outer parts of the door. There are keys on both sides of the double cylinder door locks.

How can I lock my cabinets without a drill?

You can use magnetic locks for your double door cabinet if you do not want to drill the cabinet doors. Magnetic locks are safe for children, and there is no chance of damaging your cabinets. You can use magnetic locks on the cabinets up to two inches thick. Children will not get access to your kitchen cabinets if they are locked with magnetic key locks.


There are an ample amount of cabinet locks in the market which are made for double cabinet doors. You can buy cabinet locks from the market, or you can buy them from an online website like amazon. After reading this article, we hope you are now able to figure out what kind of cabinet locks you want for your double-door cabinet. No matter what type of double door cabinet lock you choose, they are all easy to install as the cabinet doors have more space.

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