Cost To Rekey A Lock: Know The Cost For Both Home And Shop Rekey Services

Keys with a lock cylinder
Publish at Jul 15, 2022 By: Isaac Bell
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Whether you have bought a new house or not, there is no specific time that says when you need to rekey locks. You might need rekeying locks for any event that you feel necessary. Some people find the necessity to rekey door locks after firing a housemaid. So, whatever the reason is, the first concern that comes to mind is the cost. How much does it cost to rekey? This article will provide you with the cost to rekey a house lock.

The cost varies for the regular and emergency locksmith services. For emergency cases, the price is a bit more than bringing the lock to a shop. Rekeying a house's door locks typically starts from $160. Again, to rekey a lock cylinder, each keyhole will cost $21. Mainly, the cost of rekeying depends on the keyholes of your house or car locks.

The cost also varies depending on the locking mechanism of the door lock. The locksmith cost of rekeying is comparatively more for high-security locks. Also, the rekeying cost of smart locks is more than the standard door lock. If you are thinking of getting a professional locksmith service to change locks at a cheap rate, visit the local locksmith shop.

Re-Key In Houston

A house door with three lock cylinders

If you live in Houston and need a rekey service, you are lucky to have Armor Locks. Book your appointment with Armour Locks of Houston to get a rekey locks service at a cheap rate. In this article, we have discussed the cost as per the national averages. However, in Houston and especially Armor Locks, you will get locksmith services at a lower rate.

What Is A Lock Cylinder

By now, you must have known that the cost of rekeying depends on your doors' number of cylinders or keyholes. A cylinder is the part of the door hardware from where you insert the key to open door locks. There must be a cylinder, whether a car door lock or a garage door lock. Some house door locks have a cylinder on one side, and the other side has a thumb turn.

The rekeying of car door locks and house locks has a similar rate. The cost to rekey locks will increase or decrease depending on the lock cylinder. However, be ready to add a cost of $8 with $21 for each keyhole if you have no existing key.

How Much A Rekey Cost In A Locksmith Shop

People on a tight budget prefer to rekey locks by going to a local professional locksmith shop. When you go to a locksmith shop to rekey locks, each lock cylinder costs $13. The cost is lower than the come-home locksmith services.

Now, you might ask why the price differs so much? Well, the main reason behind this price differential is the trip charge. If you take locksmith help at your home, you must also give them the trip charge. Moreover, a locksmith also charges for the removal and lock installation when you bring them home. Instead, you can save money by doing this removal and re-installation work yourself.

However, visiting a locksmith shop for rekeying is not always safe. If you are blessed with specific facilities, only then go to a local locksmith shop instead of calling them home. You can avoid a call-home locksmith rekey service if-

  • your door has one or two locks
  • you can professionally remove and replace the hardware of your door lock system

How Much A Rekey Cost For A Call-Home Service

Suppose you find it difficult or uncomfortable to replace or reinstall a lock at home. In that case, it is best to call professional locksmith services at home. For this case, the key replacement cost will be more than getting assistance from the locksmith shop. The minimum service fee to rekey the existing locks will be $85.

Keys with a lock cylinder

The locksmith prices for changing locks or rekeys start from $85-110, depending on your house location. If you are thinking of rekeying all the doors of your house, bringing locksmith help at home will be the best option. The price range will increase for the emergency locksmith prices depending on the situation.

Under some situations, the call-home locksmith service will be higher than usual. For example, the locksmith costs will increase if you lose your lock's key. The same situation goes for car lockouts. So, if you cannot give your locksmith the current key to the door lock, an additional cost of $8 will be added to your total service cost.

Moreover, the cost will increase in case of the high-security lock also. Locks with high security have more complex parts, and the rekeying process is tricky. Even the lock installation of the high-security locks costs more. The electronic lock, deadbolt, and keypad also have higher rekey costs.

Cost Of A Mailbox Rekey ( Both At House And Shop)

If you have the responsibility of a community mailbox, you must be concerned about the security of the mailbox. These mailboxes are not designed to be rekeyed, but it is easy to replace them.

Rekey or replace a mailbox is around $40 if you get a call-home service. Also, the cost will increase if the locksmith is not out inside. Besides this, the price will become cheaper if you get the service by visiting a locksmith shop. If you could open the mailbox with a postman's help and remove the lock to take it to the shop, it would only cost $20 to rekey.

Which One Is Best: To Rekey Or Replace Locks

After knowing the cost of rekeying, the idea of replacing the lock might come to your mind. You might think that installing a new lock will cost lesser than rekeying. But if you are thinking of changing your house lock for security purposes, rekeying is cheaper than replacing it.

The cost of rekeying depends on what type of door hardware you have in your house. No matter what kind of door hardware you have, rekeying costs ten times less than replacing door hardware. You must keep in mind that the cost varies depending on what type of service you are getting.

The cost is cheaper when you replace and reinstall the lock after buying tools from your local hardware store. If you can change the hardware without the help of professional locksmiths, you can save money.


Rekey is cheaper than a new lock installation, and the service gets more affordable when you take your locks to the locksmith shop. When the security of your house comes into question, it is best to change the locks of your home. To change locks, you either choose to rekey or replace locks. The rekeying cost $13-$21 depending on the type of service you take. It is to keep in mind that the additional charges will change the cost range of rekeying.

Make A Call For Professional Locksmiths Assistance

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