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A Door Security Lock In Operation

Everything To Know About ANSI Grade Lock

You're probably thinking about buying some new door locks. It could be for your house or business. But because there are so many locks, door hardware, and brands to choose from, you might be unable to figure out which one will work best for you. It's not an easy choice, and you should consider a […]
A closed emergency egress door

What Does An Egress Door Mean?

In building terms, egress means "a route or path to going out." By simple means, it's an exit path. Both commercial and residential buildings have egress doors and are operated by regional building codes. An egress door serves as an exit door from the building during an emergency. Building occupants can make an emergency escape […]
Rekey Your Locks To Match Existing Keys

How To Rekey A Lock To Match Existing Key

Did you notice that some door locks of your new house are not working with the same key? This is a common problem with the existing locks whenever you purchase a new home. It happens because the previous owner replaced the broken locks with new ones. However, you might face the same problem where you […]
A woman using key card on an access control system

How Much Does A Key Card Access Systems Cost?

It is natural to think about the cost range of the access control system as they do not come at a reasonable price. Always trust access control systems to upgrade your home or office security. Despite many benefits, people always worry about the cost of key card access systems. Now, before installing access control, if […]
door lock types

What Lock Types Should You Use?: Top 6 Types Of Locks!

You returned home from outside but unfortunately found your locks broken. This situation frightens you because there is a massive chance of stealing your essential accessories. To avoid this situation, you should use substantial and the latest types of locks. Different types of locks are one of the greatest inventions of modern technology. People can […]
Smart Touch Lock With Smartphone

How to Reset Schlage Lock - The Easy Way

Schlage locks are excellent, aren't they? Schlage manufactures many different types of smart locks known for their fantastic security. However, resetting your lock is a good idea if you just moved into a new house or think your 4-digit code is compromised. But it's not usual for everyone to know how you can reset your […]
An arrow lock

Top 8 Best Door Lock Brands

What is the thing that happens to be most crucial when it comes to protecting your property? That's right. It's the door locks on your property. The security requirements of residential and commercial buildings have changed significantly throughout time. Protecting door entry into one's property from locks being picked, bumped, or pushed open presents complicated […]
a filing cabinet lock

How To Install A File Cabinet With A Lock

Storing documents of different kinds and importance is one of the most common ways to preserve information and data. As files and documents have a certain level of significance, you must ensure the safety of these documents. A file cabinet will hold all your important documents and tidy up them. However, you also need to […]
Locksmith fixing

How To Adjust A Door Closer? Step By Step Guide

Door closer work with the balanced adjustment of two different forces. One of these forces is a spring that pulls the door back to its closed position. In doing that, the door shuts with full force and slams shut. A door closer must be well-adjusted to prevent any damage to the door. Door close adjustment is […]
Old padlocks

Best Padlock For You - Top 5 Picks

Even though padlocks have been around since the beginning of time, they are still the best way to lock your bike, fence, or garden shed. But not every padlock is the same, and any experienced thief will tell you that some are much easier to break or pick than others. We've made a list of […]
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