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Smart Touch Lock With Smartphone

How to Reset Schlage Lock - The Easy Way

Schlage locks are excellent, aren't they? Schlage manufactures many different types of smart locks known for their fantastic security. However, resetting your lock is a good idea if you just moved into a new house or think your 4-digit code is compromised. But it's not usual for everyone to know how you can reset your […]
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How To Adjust A Door Closer? Step By Step Guide

Door closer work with the balanced adjustment of two different forces. One of these forces is a spring that pulls the door back to its closed position. In doing that, the door shuts with full force and slams shut. A door closer must be well-adjusted to prevent any damage to the door. Door close adjustment is […]
Drilling A White Colored Safe To Open It

The Ultimate Guide To Open A Safe Without The Combination

Imagine a situation in which you need to open a safe at home. Then imagine yourself forgetting the combination. Now, you need to think about using your brain to figure out how to get into that safe quickly. You don't need to be the famous detective Sherlock Holmes; you must know some safe entry techniques. […]