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Are you considering getting the most affordable and secure solution against lock picking? Have you been searching for the high-security deadbolt locks used by professional locksmiths? These are the most frequent questions we receive from our customers.

And in the increasing rate of burglaries, the requirements for the advanced level of security are essential for both commercial and residential purposes.

In this article, we'll give a complete insight into the top features of the high-security deadbolts and our favorite deadbolt locks. Please stay with us till the end of this article to know more.

Top Features of High-Security Deadbolt Locks

Thieves and burglars have adopted the traditional mechanisms of deadbolt locks ever since. Therefore, it is unwise to use cheap residential locks found at the outlets of the big box store.

These cheap deadbolt locks are made with a decade-old mechanism that can create easy access for thieves and burglars. You don't want to install these traditional deadbolts. So, how can you recognize a grade 1 deadbolt lock?

This section will describe some essential criteria for identifying a good deadbolt lock. Let's get started-

Strength Of Materials

a deadbolt lock

Budget is an essential factor when choosing a deadbolt lock. The lock manufacturers have started using plastic as a metal substitute in low-budget deadbolts. Using plastic instead of metal is a significant downgrade in security as thieves and burglars try to break or melt the plastic components.

Have we just made you worried? Well, don't be. Unlike the cheap ones, professional locksmiths' deadbolts are made with high-quality metal components. Some are even acid-proof. These high-security deadbolt locks provide far more security than the cheap ones. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has categorized deadbolt locks into three grades.

Grade 1 should be your priority when you purchase a deadbolt lock. Suggesting some good quality locks that have solid material construction-

  • Schlage B60
  • Mul-T-Locks Deadbolt

Key Override

For smart door locks, security features like key override are essential. Make sure that key control, override, automatic lock, and other features are present whenever you purchase a smart door lock.

Before we get down to our recommendation on the best deadbolt locks, there are a few things we think you should know. These things will help you understand the security features of most high-security deadbolt locks. Let's get started.

Lock Bumping

You all have heard about lock picking, and picking most locks needs practice and experience. However, lock bumping is a technique that requires little to no training at all. Bump Keys, also known as 999 keys, are unique keys designed to help locksmiths. The specialty of the 999 key is that the same key can be used to open other locks.

Burglars can make your front door open if they have this key. All they need to do is to mallet the bump key inside your existing locks and realign the hardened steel pin into the unlock position inside the lock cylinder.

Then, a simple twist will be enough to open your front door. With the security upgrade in newer door locks, thieves and burglars have started bumping instead of picking the locks. Bumping door locks doesn't leave any trace behind.

Lock bumping has become the preferred choice of thieves and burglars. Police have reported that about 90% of the household exterior door locks can be bumped. Also, bump keys can be a significant security issue even for the best door locks.

As little as $3 is required to purchase a bump key. Luckily, lock manufacturers have already started to make bump-proof locks with a high-security deadbolt. These locks can't be opened without their keys.

Also, you can use temporary lock guards to secure the door lock against bumping. Other preventive measures such as a guard dog, a smart lock, and an alarm system can secure your home against crucial bumping.

Are High-Security Deadbolts Good?

A high-security deadbolt can cost you as high as $300 per deadbolt. But the manufacturers are not charging this much money unless there are some significant advantages. You might wonder what you can get with this much money, right? This section will discuss the features you can expect from a high-security deadbolt.

Advanced Bump and Pick Resistance

A regular door lock has a single-cylinder deadbolt with just one defensive mechanism. The standard door lock has pins that align with the grooves of the keys. But, the high-security waves have way more shear lines, grooves, and a double cylinder deadbolt.

The strike plate used on grade 1 deadbolts is made with premium materials that protect against the would-be intruder. Also, the keys to the high-security locks can't be duplicated that easily.

Some premium deadbolts offer keyless deadbolts, complicated installation, wi-fi smart lock system, automatic lock mechanism, and much more. So if you pay an extra amount, you pay it for the features the high-security deadbolts provide.

Material Strength

High-security deadbolt lock uses the most robust materials to construct the lock and the strike plate. A high-quality deadbolt's interior and exterior are made with grade 1 materials that ensure drill resistance. The high-security deadbolt is much more premium and heavy than the traditional lock.

Protection Against Key Copying

With the up-gradation of the quality and the security of the high-quality deadbolt locks, would-be intruders are trying key copying methods to crack the locks. Key copying is a significant concern, especially for business owners. Luckily, a high-security deadbolt can ensure your protection against key copying. A high-security deadbolt can't be duplicated because of its advanced mechanism and patterns.

So, yes. You can use/ replace your existing deadbolt with a high-security substitute for better residential/ commercial security.

Our Preferred Deadbolt Locks-

Schlage B60 Deadbolts

The Schlage B60 is a fantastic deadbolt with advanced security features and easy installation. This deadbolt is Grade 1 AAA BHMA certified. Also, it is preferred and recommended by most locksmith services. This deadbolt is available in online stores like amazon, home depot, lowes, and others. We are providing the advantages and disadvantages of this deadbolt down below. Please check them carefully and make your decision.


  • Schlage B60 builds stronger products
  • The screws are thicker
  • The material is durable
  • Grade 1


  • It would help if you had extra anti-bump pins to make it bump and pick free
  • There are cheap copies with plastic components.

Schlage B560p Deadbolts

Similar to the previous model we introduced, the Schlage B560p deadbolt is a Grade 2 deadbolt that provides significantly more security than the ones found in the big-box stores.


  • The material is the heaviest in this segment
  • Thick screws
  • Solid latch shield
  • Anti-bump mechanism
  • Reinforced strike plate


  • Bump and pick resistance is not as good as the B60
  • Not good for smart home systems
  • It would help if you got it from the locksmiths as the online and big-box ones are not the same.

Mul-T-Lock Deadbolts

The best door lock system that you can find in the current market. We highly recommend this product. This is our favorite high-security deadbolt. We use it in our offices and homes for the best security possible.


  • Grade 1
  • Premium material
  • Most rigid construction
  • Hard latch shield
  • It comes with a lockable ball bearing
  • Best pick and bump protection ever.


  • A set of keys for each lock, losing your keys can be an irritating
  • Very high priced for a deadbolt lock.

Replacing A Deadbolt On Your Door Lock

Picture of a man removing the screw of a door lock

Replacing a deadbolt on an existing lock is an easy task for you. Most deadbolts are fastened with two screws to properly secure the door lock. These screws can not be visible because of the cover plate.

If there is a plate covering the screws, you need to replace the cover first. Then, remove the screws to pull the deadbolt out. And for the latch, slide it to remove it. Installation of the new deadbolt is precisely the opposite. However, the process can be more complex and tiring for keyless door locks.

We highly recommend getting a professional locksmith service to install or replace a keyless deadbolt as it has sensitive wirings. Call us at 832-481-5030 today for more methods regarding replacing a deadbolt.

Are Electronic Deadbolts Any good?

The keyless entry system is significantly better than the keyed entry in terms of safety and reliability. The keyless door lock is the best countermeasure against key bumps and lockpicking.

Also, advanced smart locks with an electronic deadbolt inside provide fantastic home security. Electronic deadbolts offer an alarm system for multiple failed attempts at smart home security systems.

Electronic smart locks automatically lock themselves with the help of the sensors in case you forget to close the door. We are also using electronic deadbolts in our houses and offices. And we firmly recommend you get electronic deadbolts for residential or commercial applications.

And if you ever consider installing new deadbolts or replacing them, feel free to call us at 832-481-5030 today for the most secure, reliable, and responsive locksmith services for automotive, commercial, and residential purposes.

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