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Publish at Nov 22, 2022 By: Isaac Bell
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If you ask us, "What are the best smart electronic deadbolts available in the market?" we would probably refer you to the latest products introduced by the top three residential manufacturers.

However, the latest models of intelligent locks designed and manufactured by companies like Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale are expensive. Most of you don't want to spend that much money buying electronic deadbolts.

In this article, we will be venturing into the top 3 most affordable electronic deadbolts along with their features, pros, and cons. In addition, we will mention the factors you need to consider before purchasing an electronic deadbolt. Please stay with us till the end of this article to learn more.

Our Recommendations For The Best Smart Locks-

As a professional locksmith service provider for decades, we have been tweaking the deadbolt mechanism for quite some time. However, we always liked smart locks over traditional lock systems. Our recommendation for the best electronic deadbolts within your budget-

Must-Have Features Of Smart Locks-

a padlock

The leading lock manufacturers' latest products have excellent security and additional features. These smart locks come with some basic modern features, including a Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth, built-in alarm, automatic lock features, double authentication, z wave alarm, code customization, voice control with google assistant, and many more.

In addition, other features such as controlling your lock with your smartphone, alarms for multiple failed attempts, proximity sensor, and eco-system with other smart devices are some of the features that are to be expected from the latest products from the best innovative lock manufacturers.

Last, we think a critical override is a must-have option for any smart lock. Though the preference for features entirely depends upon your desires and expectations.

Please take a look at the top features of our recommended products-

  • Schlage BE365 Series Electronic Deadbolts- Simple keyless entry mechanism in a well-built compact form.
  • Yale YRD416 Series Deadbolts- Comes with Bluetooth connectivity in an affordable form factor.
  • Yale YRD226 or YRD426 Deadbolts- Our favorite pick. It offers a lot of features for the most reasonable price possible. It comes with a touchscreen, z-wave alarm, Alexa, and multiple access codes.

Why Purchase An Electronic Deadbolt?


An electronic deadbolt is a blessing for parents with multiple kids. Keys are something you can never entrust 100% with your kids as there are always risks of losing them. An electronic deadbolt can ensure your kids can open the front door lock without using a physical key.

For instance, kids are always playing in your yard. With an electronic deadbolt, as a parent, you can sit back and relax without worrying about your children or home security.

Soured Relationships

Moreover, the auto-lock feature of the electronic deadbolt ensures that the door is kept shut if anyone forgets to lock it. We have all been there where we had to take back the access we had given to our significant others.

With an electronic deadbolt, it is possible. Just change the access codes on the keypad to revoke anyone you want access to. There is no scope for rekeying if there are no physical keys to your electronic deadbolt.


Are you renovating/ redesigning any part of your house? You can set temporary access codes until the renovation is complete. Furthermore, many other access options such as biometrics, keypad locks, and voice control guarantee a more secure lock system for your home.

Smart Lock With Bluetooth

Smart locks with Bluetooth allow you to control your electronic lock system with your smartphone. You must be near the lock to command or maintain the safety of your smartphone. Being connected with the smart lock via Bluetooth allows you the privilege to use certain gestures/ motions for locking/ unlocking.

You might not have to use the keypad or a standard key if you have a smart lock that supports Bluetooth. Connected via Bluetooth, you can add, erase, or modify access codes for your deadbolt.

Bluetooth eases the usage of security features. This is like a blessing if you have a push lock button. Push locks are pretty hard to program. Some require taking apart to do so.

We think that Bluetooth on the deadbolt is a convenient piece of function for the owner. In the era of modern technological advancements, Bluetooth implementation increases the security of the keyless entry system and provides additional information to the owner. You can easily control and use a smart lock with your phone.

What Is Z-Wave/ Zigbee?

The Z-Wave and the Zigbee are the communication protocols between different smart home appliances. These protocols need a particular hub, fabricated by the manufacturers, to connect with the eco-system of the devices inside the house. You might be wondering what my benefits are from these protocols. The benefits are as follows-

  • Add, Erase, and modify your access codes from anywhere in the world via the internet.
  • Monitor and control your smart door locks from remote places
  • For forced entry and multiple failed attempts, get notified instantly by notifications on your smartphone.
  • Add multiple codes and get a notification on your smartphone every time those codes are used.

Schlage, one of the leading lock manufacturers, produces the most delicate locks in this segment. However, if you want to use every feature, you need external components with a monthly enrollment of $10.

For Example-

Schlage Z-Wave Camelot

Additional Features Of The Electronic Deadbolts

a keyless entry system

Lock manufacturers have started collaborating with other features that can be useful for your desired application. Integration with Alexa and Google Home can allow you the ease of usage. But for that, you need to link everything together into a smart hub. Don't worry. You can find the smart hub on Amazon.

Not only this hub allows you to create an eco-system of electronics inside your house, but also it allows you to control and connect other home appliances. So, yes, the smart hub upgrade is worth a shot.

If you want to connect your smart lock with other home appliances, we recommend you go for the extra hassle.

Reason For Choosing Those Deadbolts

Schlage BE365 Series Electronic Deadbolts

Schlage is known for designing and manufacturing premium-quality door locks. The design and the clever engineering behind this electronic deadbolt model will genuinely surprise you. This is a fine-quality electronic deadbolt. We have installed thousands of these deadbolts, and we barely had to return for service for the first few years. If you don't want additional smart lock features, this product may satisfy your demand for an immediate quality product.

Yale YRD416 Series Deadbolts

The Yale YRD416 series is designed for keyless entry, a bump-proof system, and connecting to your smartphones with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. We love every product designed and manufactured by Yale because of its product's structural integrity, additional features, and premium keypad. This series of non-screen bright door locks offers Bluetooth for remote control. So, if you want Bluetooth connectivity, we strongly recommend this electronic deadbolt.

Yale YRD226 or YRD426 Deadbolts

Another premium series of smart locks from our favorite company Yale. These deadbolts feature a touch screen to operate and modify the access codes at your will. In addition, you can use google assistance, Bluetooth, Alexa, and other advanced software and hardware features. Also, you can connect it to your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Z-Wave can ensure the connection with other devices.

Our decades-long service has installed, repaired, and replaced countless intelligent locks. But we never had to go for servicing this innovative lock model. Not even once. That's why we have listed this electronic deadbolt in our recommended products. And suppose you have already chosen an electronic deadbolt. In that case, we highly recommend you stick with the ones with a key override feature. Thank you for patiently staying with us this long. For more information, call 832-481-5030 today for an all-out solution to your every locksmith problem.

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