Are Hollon Safes Any Good?

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Publish at Feb 08, 2023 By: Isaac Bell
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B-rated safes are all the rage lately to keep your data and important items stored away safely. No matter how hard you search, Hollon's has been one of the top-rated safes in the country, and rightfully so.

Based in Corpus Christi, Hollon Safes are known popularly for their service, price, and being b rated as well as damage proof such as being resistant to water and fire. Even on the website, many customers have left reviews on how affordable the price is and about its durability.

If you are considering getting a gun safe or any other safe to keep your valuable items safe, look no further than Holland. Made of great material and high-end steel, these are proven and tested for fire, bomb, chainsaw, and several other tests to ensure their durability. After a months-long search, most of their customer has also assured Hollon's to be the best of its kind.

What Makes Hollon Safe Reliable?

Man locking the safe

Hollon has been known for their quality safe that does not compromise safety for style. This company offers a wide range of product lines suitable for different purposes. Although the number and variations of safes may seem like a lot, each is ensured to go through rigorous inspection service to protect your valuables.

This company ensures their customers' great safes. It greatly protects your data, gun, watch, and any other jewelry you might want to keep secure. Each of the Hollon safes is designed with the help of professional locksmiths to help elevate the security.

Due to customer satisfaction and impeccable services, Hollon has consistently developed new and improved versions of their safe. These updates have also allowed them to make safes specifically designed for certain uses, such as a safe for business and office purposes or a family room to keep certain things out of reach from kids.

Benefit Of Choosing Hollon Safe

Hollon offers the best service after your investment, no matter the issue. All of their safe comes with advanced features to ensure more security within an affordable price range.

Therefore, getting one of these won't cost you any ridiculous amount while providing you with the best security. Each product line is made sure to be gun safe, burglary safe, and anti-theft for interested clients. These are just a few benefits that Hollon provides you with. Some others are -

Industry Standards Safe For Professional And Business Purposes

Hollon has consistently been a favorite for office, or corporate purposes of keeping their documents or other essential and critical information locked away safely. These safes are made of multiple layers of heavy-duty steel to store away official deal documents and details. All of these safes meet the standard criteria to be labeled as "industry standard" in America. These are secure enough to be placed on any floor, whether in a crowd or isolated on a separate floor. The only way to access the safe is by the one who has the key or has access to operate the safe.

Enhance Security System For Home And Garage

These safes can efficiently store your valuables safely and prevent getting stolen and out of reach from children you need regularly or within reaching limits. Items such as guns and tools need to be kept nearby to grab in cases of emergency.

In this case, make sure nobody can access them without you. This is why storing your Hollon safe in garages can be a good idea to keep your home safe.

You can easily grab your essentials in case of emergency from the car, get on your vehicle, and drive away.

Free Curbside Delivery Upon Purchase

The best part about Hollon safe is no matter the line of safes you choose, you get free delivery on the curbside. Your safe will be delivered to your address, whether it is for your company, a shop, or a residence.

The delivery is ensured to be done safely without any accidents as these are handled by professionals, and you won't even have to pay for anything.

You can also request delivery to your door, depending on the deliveryman. Your curbside delivery is safe and out of direct heat, rain, or other natural issues.

Different Line From Hollon Safe

Due to the top-notch quality, advanced settings, and features, Hollon safe has expanded its line of safes widely and is suitable for specific needs. Hollon offers different types of safes at a reasonable price to ensure customer satisfaction and security.

Gun Safes

For guns, Hollon has gone to great measures to use better quality steel and other materials to store away your ammunition without causing rust or chipping safely.

Whether you have smaller weapons like pistols and knives or shotguns and rifles, several gun safes serve all your needs and your guns.

These gun safes are easy to access if you know the right way. For years hunters and others with a knack for weapons have chosen gun safes from Hollon because of their durability against fire, chainsaw, and bombs.

Fire And Burglary-Proof Safe

Since these safes are made of high-quality material, they are resistant to extreme heat, fire, and experienced burglars. No amount of hammering, pounding, or messing with fire on these will show any sign of scratches or dents on the surface.

Tampering with heavy-duty and industrial strength tools is also incompetent with these safe. These burglary safes are heavier in weight and become immediately secured, preventing theft.

Most Hollon safes are much heavier than other safes. It is almost impossible for two people to carry on their own, let alone one person getting the job done. Even the dial lock is made sure to be resistant to being tampered with on these safes.

Just What To Consider While Choosing Hollon Safe

High quality metal safe

There are several factors to keep in mind before purchasing a safe. Where you fit the safe, its capacity, installation system, and interior storage are some factors you must consider before getting a safe so you can rest assured knowing everything is safe on site.

Heavy In Weight, So Anti-Theft

Since these safes are made of heavier materials, they can not be stolen or moved without causing serious damage once fitted in position. It is nearly impossible to remove the safe from its position as they are b-rated and made of steel that does not budge.

Even with the help of a locksmith, there is no way to steal a safe without coming in contact with the surrounding walls, no matter how in control you are.

Even with assistance, lifting any safe from Hollon is nearly impossible. This also makes Hollon fire and burglary-proof where you fit them on the floor, on the wall, or leave it alone.

Lock Type

The lock type is what matters the most when getting any safe from Hollon, as this is what allows access to the inside. You can choose from a dial, fingerprint, retina scanner, and a digital lock system that you can access from your devices.

You can also choose a combination of lock types to improve your security. Hollon has earned recognition and feedback from the USA as one of the best safes with a spacious interior for your valuables that no locksmith can crack into.

Each safe has its own set of configurations that is unique to its own, making it specifically accessible to its key only. Even if any locksmith has serviced your safe, your safe will last you a long time if you maintain the lock system on it.

Final Thoughts

Hollon safes are a family-owned company that has worked for years to ensure you can safely lock away your precious items and gun without worrying about them constantly. Each of the Hollon safes is made with the combined efforts and knowledge of many people to ensure maximum safety.

You can always visit their shop in person or buy from their website if you find a safe that is within your budget and provides you with all the necessary services you need. Although being b rated and resistant to fire and water is a game changer, you still need to keep up with the good knowledge o its maintenance to ensure longevity.

Therefore, if you want a safe that has the support from their loyal customer who ensures it to be long lasting and prevent any damage or tampering due to the material and steel used to make it b rated, then you can easily choose one from Hollon's for gun safety and any other storage. Yet, if you still face any issues, you can consult with our Armor Locks Co. locksmith experts or call us at 832-481-5030 to get our services.

Article written by: Isaac Bell
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